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[SWOLE]Grode Jar:
This thread will be about all things related to fat acceptance, insane fat logic, fat justificatons, and just general info on why fatties are terrible people.

Let's get started with a doozy:

90% of fat people don't think they have a weight problem.  90% of fat people don't think they have a weight problem90% of fat people don't think they have a weight problem


Martin Looter King:
British people are ugly, so it makes it hard to tell if being fat is a problem or not.

So if you don't think you have a weight problem does that mean you are fat?


Social commentary in video games:
If you're fat then no one will love you.

sex bot semen tank:
As a former fatty I can tell you it's not easy to lose weight but th satisfaction of a good workout followed by a healthy meal start to outweigh the fleeting pleasure of store brand cupcakes pretty quick.

I used to hate being SHAMED FOR MY WEIGHT  :madgoon: but now I am one of those shamers. Like yo, if you're fat, whatever, but don't try and tell me it's beautiful or normal to stuff your fucking face every day. I legit can't eat like that unless I'm stoned off my tits, and I don't even think about sweets or fast food unless I'm high.

Garbage in, garbage out. Your body is your temple. Even the ancient greeks knew the key to happiness was a richly balanced physical and mental life fucking 2500 years ago lmao c'mon son


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