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It's starting:


Mark Kern@Grummz
I tweeted that Linux’s new code of conduct would be abused to witch hunt devs.

Right on cue, 3 or 5 devs tried to use my opposition of the code of conduct to try to accuse me of violating it.

All the while using behavior that was against the code of conduct.

I rest my case.

Mark Kern@Grummz
You can add one @ZDNet reporter to the list of witch hunters. Came after me just today.

I dunno man, I think having codes of conduct to allow mediocre programmers to police good programmers is precisely the way to move the industry into the direction of a giant bureaucracy. What could go wrong with that?

Corey @corey5135
I've been called out for "aggressive behavior" because I stated that I had already evaluated a suggested implementation & decided it was the wrong way to go (different project).  They were putting me in my place for daring to disagree. Last patch they got from me.

Tucker Goodrich@TuckerGoodrich
Yeah, there's a lot Vox Day says that I don't like, but I think his analysis of codes of conduct is spot on.

"...the Code of Conduct is working as designed when it chases off the productive members of the project"
NTF = nigger tranny firearms?
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op or mods please edit title to """"woman"""" opens fire
When is this society going to stop pretending that you can become a woman/man just by saying so.
"""""Woman""""" Opens Fire at Maryland Rite Aid Distribution Center

Transgender shooter, who complained of feeling 'alienated' and 'wanting to pick a fight', before opening fire on Rite Aid distribution center - killing three co-workers before committing suicide

Her motive remains unclear and police say that while they are pursuing all strands of investigation, terrorism is not likely in this case.

Moseley had multiple outstanding tickets for registration violations and a lack of insurance, and just last week, the courts were asked for permission to take the outstanding fines to trial.

But tickets were not her only problems - Coley told the Baltimore Sun Moseley had come out to her family as transgender in December 2016 and wanted to begin hormone therapy.

At present, it is not known if she did commence hormone therapy, or if Moseley, known to friends as 'Sno', used male or female pronouns.

Coley and Moseley were intending to create a documentary on Moseley's life before she died, based off a manuscript the Rite Aid worker had written.

Other friends paid tribute to her on social media, claiming she had been consumed by mental illness and had reached out for help multiple times before shooting at her colleagues.

One friend, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Sun he was at first appalled to hear about the shooting, but immediately felt heartbroken when he discovered who was behind it.

'It’s catastrophic,' he said. 'She did a terrible thing, but I feel for her.

'The first thing you think is, "This person is horrible," because you have a bias. But knowing someone, I believe everyone is human. Everyone is going through something.'

That damn bias against people who commit random murders! It's a tough one to overcome.

Anyway here's a picture of "her" from earlier this year. Note that "she" came out as transgender in December 2016, so this the better part of 2 years later:

         "We wuz women and sheit."

Since we're talking movies/videos to put on your "to watch" list again:

The last couple of years have made me look at history a lot differently.  Like the demonization of the Sturmbateilung.  I wonder how much of the SA beating the shit out of people in the streets was the result of wannabe revolutionary pencilneck geeks getting instant karma'ed.  Knowing how the Left works, I'm guessing that these types of paramilitary groups grew as a result of people losing patience with Bolshevik goons.

On its' face this is gonna sound like LARPing, but it fits the discussion here and I may post it in that new thread about "true history" or whatever it's called: there's a German film from 1933 called "S.A.-mann Brand" that's a very interesting look at street-level politics in Germany around the time Hitler was elected. It's not an ~anti-Semitic~ movie like a lot of later Nazi film propaganda, and to my recollection there's little to no focus on Jews; rather it's a relatively accurate film about the demonstrations and street fights the SA were getting into against Communists. It's one of the few Nazi era movies that can be watched now and pretty much taken at face value, but of course it's never used for its' educational value because of the six gorillion.

It's about a regular working man who ends up joining the SA because the Communists are fucking shit up and ruining postwar Germany. It shows how the commie KPD is being organized and directed by foreigners, how they're attacking people in the street, how they refuse to allow political opponents to speak at public meetings, and the hysteria and violence that begin to accompany every election. Sound familiar?

Youtube link here

If you can find S.A.-Mann Brand in better quality, let me know. When I first watched it on Youtube a couple of years ago it wasn't a straight VHS rip and IIRC had slightly better subtitles than that one, but that's the best I could find there now.
Any thoughts/opinions on tint legality? I've never been able to make up my mind.

On one hand... Fuck you, this is America.

On the other hand... It's basically the universal excuse to pull niggers over and trick them into letting officers search their cars.
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