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Daily Stormer came back too with a Russian domain.
It's working for me right now.

Damn, poor Dog-O wrote a three thousand word smugpost about TRS's demise for nothing.
TRS has been shoah'd, the forums are still up though.

It's working for me right now.
Can't discount the fall of the russian Empire and the rise of the Soviet Union. The soviets were full-on internationalist at that point, still convinced their revolution would spread to the entire planet. The danger of communist revolution was a constant, not due to some McCarthyist paranoia. Even after Stalin took full bloody control and the character of the Soviet Union became more nationalist and russian, there were still communist infiltrators and sympathizers all over western Europe. Communists were so insane and scary that it made Hitler and the nazis look good in comparison. Wow I wonder if some sort of lesson could be learnt from that...oh well, DEATH TO WHITE SUPREMACY, THE CULTURAL AND RACIAL SINGULARITY IS INEVITABLE COMRADE, IT SHALL BE GLOBAL AND WILL LEAD TO ETERNAL PEACE.
Goon Acres / Re: LOWTAX THREAD
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1: WWI ruined Europe and poisoned international politics there, the Germans took an unfair share of the blame for starting the war and their economy was ruined as punishment, Weimar Germany was a cesspool of degeneracy that included things that would shock modern liberals, there was a large Communist political party that dominated parts of Germany who regularly used brutal street violence, there was an attempted Communist revolution in 1818, and Jewish war profiteers, "academics", bankers, pornographers, and politicians had a lot to do with a lot of the above which led to an increase in antisemitism

also typo
Who needs a Politburo when corporate entities are willing to do your censorship for you?

BLM has at least ten times the body count of the alt-right but get invited to the White House and are given screen time during Democrat campaign debates.

i guess we do need a civil war, so these weak faggots can learn what it's like to live in an environment where you don't have the luxury of melting down over scary mean evil nasty badthink words   :clint:
TRS has been shoah'd, the forums are still up though.
I couldn't believe that a grade-A retard like BrownMoses has enough weight to be taken seriously by the German MSM but then again, it says more about the state of our media than about people like him.

oh, he has enough weight for sure

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