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Goon Acres / Re: Look At These Fucking Goons
« Last post by Procrustes on October 21, 2017, 11:30:32 PM »
Sitting here trying to decide which smells more disgusting, malt vinegar or fish sauce and coming up with a tie

hint: theyre both good

Hint: I don’t give a shit about your dumb opinion you disgusting transcreature. Kill your self.
Goon Acres / Re: NeoGAF
« Last post by DangerClose on October 21, 2017, 11:27:54 PM »
I am reminded of a wise proverb

"How can anyone claim to be lonely in this world when you can just call a number and a person will show up to your house with a pizza in 20 minutes?"
Hollyjew is sinking fast: http://www.showbiz411.com/2017/10/21/hollywood-ending-big-studios-cutting-losses-this-weekend-pulling-flops-from-theaters-earlier-than-usual

It’s a bizarre season in Hollywood. Almost nothing is “working,” and the studios can’t afford to waste any more money hoping things will turn around. They’re pulling flops from theaters earlier than usual.

This weekend, for example, Warner Bros. is putting out a white flag on “Blade Runner” after three tough weeks. They’ve cut the number of theaters showing Denis Villeneuve’s beautiful film by 855. So far, “Blade Runner” has made just $66 million.  Audiences have not clamored to it. And now, week by week, Warners will quietly take it away.

Warner’s isn’t alone. Universal is pulling Tom Cruise’s  “American Made” from 539 locations after a month in release. The Doug Liman directed thriller has made just $43 million. Good reviews haven’t helped push Cruise fans to theaters. One problem was lack of promotion since Cruise wasn’t available. Also, audiences may have just soured on him after “The Mummy” and other flops. With both studios, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

The biggest decease (de-crease, but pun intended here) is for the revived “Flatliners.” With just $16 million in the till, Sony would be better off paying people to see this turkey. They’re retreating from 1,433 theaters this weekend, leaving “Flatliners” to breathe on its own. It will be completely dead by Sunday.

Also just about dead is the much praised “Battle of the Sexes,” Fox Searchlight couldn’t get anyone to go see it despite great reviews and excellent marketing. I’m actually dumbfounded that it’s made just $11 million. FS is killing off 849 screens. Ouch! And “Battle” was supposed to yield some awards action.

Warner’s, meantime, is facing more trouble than the other studios. Their “Geostorm” is going to be a disaster this weekend. And their “Lego Ninja” movie is leaving 951 theaters after $52 million and five weeks. Better to get out while they can.

And over all this weekend doesn’t look too promising for new films. “Geostorm” should be joined by “The Snowman” and in the kill bin by Sunday.

Here’s to better days– and soon!

PS Here’s an irony: The Weinstein Company’s “Wind River” is at $33 million. It cost around $15 million. Taylor Sheridan’s directing debut might have been an awards contender if certain things hadn’t happened.

This is fucking beautiful.
I will trade my entire list for Taylor Swift, if that's ok.
its almost like the same polling firms and focus groups that predicted a hillary win are telling hollywood what the people will pay money to see in a theater

Goon Acres / Re: 888 Social Justice Struggles Against The Video Game Patriarchy
« Last post by DangerClose on October 21, 2017, 11:24:04 PM »
Jesus Christ it just keeps happening

can one internet sjw liberal type with any audience just have the guts to say that there really IS a fucking problem with these loud performative nu-male "allies" at some point?

The GamerGate kids were relentless trolls who cared way way way too much about the personal lives and activities of internet beard women who made nothing that anyone actually played and they have flat out come out on top as the moral superiors to their declared enemies. How does your side, if you care to call it that- end up being so morally repugnant and full of fucking legitimate rapists, molesters, pedos, and stalkers when your opposite number are literally the self-proclaimed dregs of the internet?

Goon Acres / Re: NeoGAF
« Last post by Spokker on October 21, 2017, 11:20:53 PM »
lol /v/ sent tons of pizzas to the furry's house, stay tuned, I got tons of stuff to post in the aftermath

Ps. It's confirmed he recieved the pizzas
At least he'll be distracted enough to not kill himself.

5 years later: "Those pizzas saved my life that night, man."
Tech writer Robert Scoble, who looks exactly like the kind of guy who flies to Thailand to fuck underage prostitutes, in deep shit for fat drunk and stupid behavior.

Robert Scoble has allegedly continued to sexually harass women after going sober

[Two] women recently stepped forward, accusing Scoble of inappropriately grabbing them, both incidents happened prior to 2015, when Scoble publicly confessed that he was an alcoholic. Scoble said at the time he was getting help and going into Alcoholics Anonymous.

Despite Scoble’s public apologies, he has allegedly continued to drink, smoke pot and proposition women repeatedly, say two women, even after they say they told him to stop.

After journalist Quinn Norton recently published her Medium post accusing Scoble of grabbing her, NASA analyst Sarah Seitz said in the post’s comment section that Scoble had propositioned Seitz for an affair a year and a half ago — after he’d publicly stated that he was cleaning up his act.

Another woman who chose to remain anonymous told TechCrunch that Scoble made a pass at her, telling her how much he wanted to make out with her after getting high at a tech conference earlier this year. She said that Scoble later apologized for his behavior and lavished her with praise; he also connected her with people she needed to help further her career, which she said effectively silenced her.

Scoble has long been viewed as Silicon Valley’s favorite narcissist — someone so blatantly self-absorbed it has often verged on comedy. (Who can forget the image of a red, wet Scoble coming out of the shower in Google Glasses?)

Yeah, people need to get rid of their boomer-era assumptions about shit.  America in 1985 ain't anything like America in CURRENT YEAR.
You and a few of the other... uh, less intelligent people on here keep using that term. Are you referring to Baby Boomers? Do you understand that those are the people who were born in the baby boom after WW2 and they are in their 70s? (I'm typing slowly so you can keep up.) They don't do anything. They vote, but that's really the only influence they have. You seem to worry about them a lot.
Goon Acres / Re: NeoGAF
« Last post by Obese and Triggered on October 21, 2017, 11:12:52 PM »
lol /v/ sent tons of pizzas to the furry's house, stay tuned, I got tons of stuff to post in the aftermath

Ps. It's confirmed he recieved the pizzas

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