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I've mentioned before that my older bro is a gigantic old school 80's nerd, with the requisite near encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel comics to go with it. We once tried to come up with a new super power for a hypothetical new hero and eventually gave up. The closest we came was variations on established ones.
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Will you fags stop quoting the picture of that gargoyle?  Thanks
I dunno man, I get what you're saying and I agree that the Marvel movies are rehashing well-tested storylines but I think there are plenty of creative comics out there. They probably aren't going to be on Marvel or DC but they are out there.

Then again, they aren't going to be turning these weirdass indie books into a movie.
I had never heard of the Dulles family before

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i can get behind that, defining faggotry by, well, “could a guy talk you into suckin his dick and balls AND ENJOYING IT?" rather than one's actions.
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Maybe go do some more drugs until you're at the proper level of dead
It's funny cause you'll die from food long before I ever die from drugs. At least I can handle my drugs, thousands of years of humans eating food and you can't handle that 😆
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Neither is as vile as your mother's mustache.
I think I've mentioned this book before, but i'm going to plug it again:

The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government by David Talbot

I picked it up on a whim one day in Barnes & Noble back in early 2015 when it happened to catch my eye.  At the time I didn't realize that the author, David Talbot, was the founder of Salon.com & therefore tends to push a rather progressive bent...as I started reading the book it irritated me with its obvious bias, generally painting the Dulles brothers & American business interests with a villifying stroke, while lavishing praise on JFK & his up & coming policy agenda.  However, with all of that taken into consideration I still plowed through the book, & by the end Talbot left me virtually convinced that Allen Dulles was ultimately using the CIA to covertly orchestrate US foreign policy, understood the direct threat that JFK posed to his shadow government, & therefore had the motive & also the means to pull the strings behind the JFK assassination.  The behavior of Dulles before, during, & after the assassination was peculiar in many aspects, & even though he was no longer actively in charge of the CIA at that point, he still held great power behind the scenes of the agency. 

I'm not saying this book convinced me of any of the more "conspiracy" type ideas surrounding JFK, such as multiple shooters, shots from the grassy knoll, etc, but it did make an extremely compelling case that the United States Intelligence Community that emerged Post-WWII comprised a virtual shadow government or...Deep State...with the ability to generally dictate US foreign policy & influence global geopolitics.  It also made a very strong case that JFK was a threat to that power structure, & Allen Dulles ultimately orchestrated his assassination & subsequently saw to the details of keeping all of that covered up.

I read this book in 2015, shortly before the Republican primary campaign began to heat up, & at least a year before Donald Trump ever brought the concept of the Deep State to the forefront.  Everything that has happened since then regarding the Intelligence Community/Deep State vs. Trump in regards to the overall election campaign, ongoing leaks, etc, seems to line up & make total sense when viewed through the lense of the Deep State as presented in this book, & in my mind it lends a lot of credence to the accusations Talbot makes of Dulles & the CIA overall regarding JFK.

All of that as a very long winded way to get around to saying - I'm extremely interested to see if these classified JFK documents do actually end up being released, & if they do, will they confirm or deny any of what was put forth in the Devil's Chessboard?  The tinfoil MAGA fan in me really wants this to be a seventh dimensional chess sucker punch from Trump...an unexpected salvo intended to expose the power structure & historical apparatus of the Deep State. 

Fingers crossed, I guess we'll see.


A super pozzed tampon company can't even catch a break lol.

Brown U Free Tampon Program Hits A Snag After Students Accuse Company Of Cultural Appropriation

A Brown University program designed to provide male and female students with free feminine hygiene products has hit a snag after students complained the tampon company Brown selected was “culturally appropriating” from Native Americans.

According to The Brown Daily Herald, students clashed over whether the “Tampon Tribe” should be their leading provider of in-restroom tampons because the company, which provides “sustainably sourced” “organic” “toxin free” “recyclable” tampons to the Brown community, shares its name with the traditional moniker for groupings of Native American sub-civilizations across the country.

The Undergraduate Council of Students heard complaints from “indigenous and Native American [students]” who claimed the company’s name — and some of its branding — “affected them really deeply.” The USC then voted to change tampon suppliers.

Tampon Tribe, for the record, does not appear to use any Native American imagery in its branding, but does seem to feature a lot of Millennial-aged white women dressed in faux-bohemian attire giving the peace sign in the company’s Instagram photos, so perhaps that’s what’s triggering.

The contention has been brewing since last year, when Brown switched to Tampon Tribe from its previous hygiene product provider, Boxed. Students had concerns, initially, but the UCS reached out to a Tampon Tribe representative who assured the group that there were “Afro-diasporic and indigenous identities” among their upper management.

We need a megapsyduck for this. 

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