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anti-nigger machine

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On idiot sent low tax a dear richard email over the trump AV and asked for a ban. they just couldnt deal with what the site has become. that shit is hilarious jfc what losers.

from kf

the lets play discord

some more from his thread

Quote from: Lowtax
Hahahaha are these people unaware they can, you know, just like not read the forums anymore??!?

Quote from: Lowtax
It's great, I'm like a magnet for dumb garbage people who shouldn't be here in the first place. The more I post, the cleaner the forums will get.
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AHAHAHA what?  He made the stupid newbie avatar "TRUMP LOVER"?

It'll either drive out the soy drinkers or earn him a lot of money on avatars


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lol spending bux to have a Hitler Lover avatar