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Being half bean just leaves me with a greater than normal hatred for white liberals.

Yes, the paernts of that kid are fucked up.

Yes, the people lauding him are fucked up.

No, that does not mean pedos are about to be mainstreamed.

I-it's just ONE groomed sexualized degenerate troon kid being promoted by, literally, the mainstream! It doesn't mean anything!

Goon Acres / Re: GBS RSS
« Last post by Franzo on Today at 02:34:59 AM »
muh Russia though.
It's either that or normalizing fucking animals or incest.  The slippery slope is real and it's slathered with lube and ends in a piss trough at the Folsom Street Fair.

Have you looked at the front page of any porn tube site in the last year?

Why don't you tell us about it??  :allears:
Did Mueller ever explain how the not-internet-enabled voting machines were "hacked" in any way or is it safe to assume he is a profoundly unintelligent stooge who has gone senile from eating too many underage foreskins and hymens throughout his entire career as a Deep State dicklicker

On the contrary, IIRC several different government agencies' spokespeople have confirmed that no votes were changed. That's why their language has shifted from "hacking" to "colluding" to "meddling" to whatever we're at now.

Russia "mildly inconvenienced" the DNC during the election, a clear Casus Belli.
Goon Acres / Re: GBS RSS
« Last post by Twitter Rapist on Today at 01:40:03 AM »
Oh no I can't go to GBS to post how much I love sucking retarded orange dick and how president Hillary runs secret underground pedophile rings or some other deluded qanon-calibre shit. To paraphrase a previous poster: "anyone still supporting Trump is a retard." Sorry you guys bet on the dumbest horse in existence but I think it's about time to face facts and kill yourselves.
Didn't pol do an investigation in 2015 and discover that 95% of the cuck porn spam on 4chan is done by the mod of /r/hapas as his revenge against the white race for making him exist?

edit: yep, eurasian tiger was the username, one of the cow boards found it all out; also he wants to fuck his mom.

Is his mom a honkie or yellow?
If I remember the story right, celestial.
He was legally able to own a gun but didnt have a CC permit. Thats why he was bugging out.
Goon Acres / Re: D&D Funny Quotes Thread
« Last post by a torrent of piss on Today at 12:27:05 AM »
lol that sign on the right that reads anti-Palestinian policies islamophobia and racism.

If you talked to an Israeli they would call those Pro-Palestinian polices that those people want to enact anti-semitic and racist.
Goon Acres / Re: D&D Funny Quotes Thread
« Last post by Dr. Hatchet-Wound on July 15, 2018, 11:46:46 PM »

Honestly, if a person were a practitioner of violence, where would you even start with these people?

Take a page from stephen paddock's book and start from an elevated distant position to avoid the aids blood.
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