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As much as I'd like for Bugman Schulz get elected and permadestroy Germany and make globalists and deus vult retards buttblasted at the same time, it's simply not going to happen. The SPD was the party that bled the most in the latest election from two months ago. They also have no clue who they could try and put forward as their leader since they, much like modern Germans in general, are all charismatic vacuums. The CDU has been eradicated of any and all personalities by Merkel to make sure she's got zero opposition in the party. When the cuntslut retires she'll leave the CDU completely hollow, broken and devoid of any clear party line. For what it's worth, that's about as far as German politics will ever get close to being remotely interesting.

Tell me one negative effect of Germans going extinct, I challenge you

lol tell us one negative effect of white niggers Italians going extinct

A long and depressing read.

Not surprising in the slightest. Keep in mind that this has been going on looooooong before Lil' Castro came about. Canada is characterized solely by degeneracy and depravity pushed to the last extreme in a desperate attempt to fill the vacuum of their own nihilistic self-indulgence. It is a literal globalist colony from start to finish. Trudeau himself is a non-entity; all he's done for the past two years is to talk down on all other countries for not being "woke" enough.

Not that Quebec is any better by any stretch of the imagination, mind you, but at least they've been consistent at being more French than France ever was since 1789.
we won't get a new version of The Producers in 20 years parodying the fascists that rise up in 10
Tell me one negative effect of Germans going extinct, I challenge you
That said I'm a civic-nationalist who wouldn't mind fewer noble POCs through tightly controlled immigration

Speaking of {{{civic nationalism}}}, another youtube thot speaks out against it and is apparently ready to go full alt-right.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih4RYO1te8s" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih4RYO1te8s</a>

it's a complicated situation eh?  Deep down I really don't give a flying fuck where you're from as long as you buy into "America" no there's nothing special about the soil, but there is something special about the idea of America, and if you're all on board, then fuck it, welcome aboard.

However the lengths to which the progressive left has gone to attempt to flood the country with worthless ingrates who couldn't give two fucks about the American Experiment stresses that idealism.  I'm reticent to suggest anything like forced removal of legal residents (fuck the illegals and their DACA anchor shits) but its easy to see in some places (the UK specifically) where that's about the only option left, so I refuse to say "never"

I think going back to a Pre-1964 immigration system would help stem the tide, allow us to get our southern border under control, and exercise better overview of who's coming and staying, then, with improved national pride and focus on traditional ideals we might see a swing back towards "normal" without a literal "whites mostly" rule, even though that's essentially how it'd come out in the wash.


tldr; i'm still civic nationalist, but fuck if the progressives aren't pushing me on it.
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The bumbling retards that can barely implement data caps, despite having a near monopoly, are going to turn the internet into cable tv?

It's more like they're going to zero rate their own services and put the tech queers that bankroll the DNC at a disadvantage.

Which isn't good but it isn't anywhere close to the DEATH OF THE INTERNET panic that's going on. Also notice how all the people freaking out about net neutrality are radio silent about actions that actually threaten the internet like registrars canceling domains over content, Cloudflare becoming pozzed, Google deranking wrongthink, Jewtube ghettoizing anybody that questions [[[their]]] narrative and all the other ways the globalists are trying to silence the far right.

As far as I can tell this logic boils down to two points:
1) Corporations, in particular ISPs are so retarded they will be unable to take advantage of a situation they've been working toward and bankrolling political efforts for over a decade and
2) The problem is systemic and therefore we're screwed regardless and shouldn't even bother trying cause jewgle and friends are fucking up the internet no matter what we do.

As for 1, perhaps the reason they haven't gone whole hog on data caps and throttling (which some companies have done or already do) is because they don't want to get people riled up before they have the legislation passed. I mean, these are primarily companies that have been around for a very long time, and know how this stuff works. AT&T knows that you don't start fucking over customers until AFTER a merger, because otherwise people will make a big fuss about it. You keep people placated until you've accomplished the important shit, then you start rolling stuff out to fuck people over after it's too late for them to do anything.

The average person has NO idea what net neutrality is, and will just assume it's some meaningless political bullshit that won't even affect their life. I've said since the beginning it was the dumbest fucking term for an important political belief. You need to name things that elicit immediate emotional responses, "pro life" "pro choice" "free speech" "hate speech" etc. Anybody who for the first time hears the term "pro life" or "pro choice" instantly agrees with it, which starts you off on the right foot. Net neutrality is meaningless, and it's even confusing and ambiguous once you actually know what it is. Some people might even agree with it, but get confused on which side is which.

In any case, it's not like the technology for data caps or throttling is some type of limiting factor. They have been using it basically since the beginning of cellular internet, and many companies DO throttle people who download a lot of data in a certain time period. There are "unofficial" caps where if you hit X Gb in a month they slow down your internet. They used to do this all the time when "unlimited" cell phone plans were the norm.

As for 2, I believe that the country is doomed to mediocrity and a pandering to the average idiot. Eventually football will no longer be a contact sport, guns will be a relic that people marvel at in museums, cars will be required to be autonomous except for the extremely wealthy people that can afford to go to racetracks, and any website that is remotely inflammatory will be considered "hate speech" and banned.

So I agree with 2, which is why my political involvement in this is limited to arguing with people on a niggerdeath forum who refuse to be convinced because god-emporer Trump appointed this guy so he must be infallible.
With smartphones, the idea of there's only a single internet provider in your area is laughable.
That's a really retarded opinion

Nevertheless, I am right.
You're sort of technically right and completely retarded.
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I think the concept of a 1-10 appearance scale is pretty spergy. It's subjective as shit IRL. My wife and her friends argue about the appearance of guys that they know or the single ones are dating. The standard deviation of a given ranking in that small group is incredible. My wife finds me incredibly attractive which definitely makes her an outlier as I'm pretty average in appearance I imagine to most women. Her best friend will show her pictures of a guy that looks pretty average to me or like a mutant to my wife and say "OMG this guy is a 9.5/10."

Also, Honda are you younger? It seems like women's subjective opinions of men diversify in thier late twenties.
The person you're dating or married to is a totally worthless metric. You have to ask people you don't actually know. If they are friends they will lie to not hurt your feelings, if they are in a relationship with you they will either lie or their judgement is clouded by emotion.

It's pretty baffling to me that people are calling the 1-10 scale "spergy." It has been the accepted norm for men for decades, long before "spergy" people were allowed to have opinions. Many women will take into account unrelated things when giving a rating of a guy, which is why their scales are less reliable. Their money, their hobbies, their personality, etc.

But anyway the scale is most useful when the rating comes from someone YOU are attracted to. Like, no shit a 55 year old seahag will rate me like a 10, whereas an 18 year old model might have a slightly different opinion. But if a few girls in a specific age-range all rate you within a couple points, then you can make a pretty good average out of it.

This is not some ~crazy autistic beep boop goony shit~ there's a reason that the majority of women find certain celebrities attractive, and certain ones unattractive.

I don't know what your reference for younger is, but I am 28 and my gf is 22. I only go after girls under 24, 25 and up have too much baggage and are often really boring (I'd make an exception if a particularly good one was available, but none have yet).
I suspect that universities and lenders alike are banking big on a student loan bailout.  Enough to kick the can down the road for a few years, where tuition will continue to skyrocket, and then we rack up another trillion dollars that needs to be bailed out again.  Meanwhile I recently got a letter from my graduate school asking me to donate and bragging about all the spending they're doing as if that is actually a good thing.  Nothing about new engineering technology either, it's new dorms, scholarships for shitskins, and expanding the athletic complex including a new rock climbing wall. 
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