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« Reply #4550 on: January 11, 2018, 08:21:29 AM »
is there a reason Rich won't literally just start a "keep the forums open" Patreon with a high $ goal to convert it to Xenforo?

people care about the forums for some godawful reason. Ask them to give you money for the thing they like. They'll pay you.

He did.  Multiple times.
Like permanently, not just the stupid Spaceship Drawing thing or whatever. Just open a Patreon with some near ludicrous minimum monthly goal that is "I do not close something awful".

Not "pay to watch my bad youtube videos" or "pay to listen to my podcast I'm already tired of" or a one-shot fundraiser- just flat out just say, "I can't really afford to run SA anymore, I need $x to continue to do so and here's a stretch goal to convert the forums to xenoforo". For some reason he'll try to sell t-shirts again, or shill a podcast/youtube channel, he just won't ask for consistent money to keep the ONE fucking thing people still care about around.

The majority of goons know that his pleas for money to keep the forums running are bullshit. The forums pay for themselves every month. The problem lowtax has is they no longer bring in enough to also support his family and child support payments to his ex.