Author Topic: is this forum still run by niggers, faggots, and kike apologists?  (Read 690 times)

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Well I'm pretty sure none of the fagmins are black

:madgoon: RACISM!


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A lot of what you see here is devil's advocate to the far-right posting that's a combination of 1) Non-cuckservative right-wing beliefs. 2) No holds barred, offensive internet humor. 3) Problematic hatefacts with offensive jokes/insults where normally disclaimers and ~*~thought provoking analysis of the real world situation~*~ would be. 4) Our usual memes/platitudes/repeat jokes... "Gas the jews" "nigger tranny faggot" etc.

Nobody here thinks or speaks the way they post here. It's entertainment shitlordery where we blow off steam and mock people/ideas with the most offensive rebuttals we can muster up. Every member here who writes posts that trigger Dog-O "get" the idea that nobody -here- is gonna take an 888 from any given niggerdeath thread and carry it out into the real world with a rifle in one hand and a megaphone in the other....

Except Dog-O

Case and point...

True, but at least I'm not a sad little man who pretends to be a Captain of Industry while larping as an Illinois Nazi and blaming the jews for the state my life is in, writing 888 screeds of off the mark conspiracy theories that seem insightful if they weren't totally made up speculation, on a forum about a forum because I'm too weak willed to start my own.

Now tell us what Nate Higgers thinks about me.


Others have done a much better and more through job articulating the point I'm trying to get across and each time, he wasn't having any of it. Which is why nobody bothers anymore. Everyone here could slap a long-winded 888 disclaimer in their signature and he'd still come come around crying about evil, Jew hating Nazis like a cucked CNN pundit.
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Some of my first posts on this forum are long 888 TL;DR defending Dog-O and about how I hate Hitler and retarded exaggerated antisemitic tropes and memes from 100+ years ago. I think I switched outright to trolling and insulting Dog-O after the incredibly gay triple parenthesis word filter censorship.

(On the Franzosich account that I lost the password to)

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Well make sure you don't climb too far out on that limb and fall off, because we've had about 500 new members in our Post-SWOLE existance.


So where are they?

They're all Dog-O sockpuppets used to vote in the "should I give up the forum" polls