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woke nazis laugh about how transparently bad routine false sexual assault accusation is on anime image sharing websites with slam dunk posts and hot takes as gop politicians cuck on a scotus nomination right before the midterms and blatant obstructionism moves forward in moving nothing forward, unimpeded. this is p much what we're reduced to at this point.
Personal theory: it's payback for the Garland refusal, which is why the Rs are cucking. The Ds told the Rs "you still owe us one nomination, or we'll do X" (no idea what X could be, but presumably a nuclear option of some sort), and they reached some backdoor deal by which Trump loses one nominee like Obama did, then things go back to business as usual.

But the Ds being the Ds, instead of flat out saying "lol go eat a dick" like ol' Turtle did two years ago, they had to come up with a virtue-signaling reason to deny the hearing. Republican voters respect strength, while Democratic voters admire victimhood.
I don't know what is it about you faggots being so persistent with the Drudge tier blackpilling cancer. I personally find it entertaining that this shitshow is getting stretched a while longer. There's a poll going by the Huffington Post of all publications showing that only 25% of women and 28% of men believe Ford. Why rush the nomination if Ford's testimony is evidently going to be the death blow to Blue Wave Brown Drizzle? It's the same conundrum with "Hillary isn't in jail" all over again and the subsequent additional lulz she is still providing by not locking her right away. I'm not sure why you dickwads still call yourself nationalists when there is a glaring lack of faith in what Trump has accomplished and what he still has in store.
Leave it to recucklicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Keyser is Bob Beckle's ex-wife. This is the quality of their last ditch effort.

If anyone has any right to compensation it's Keyser, she lived with Beckle for years. That goes beyond a level of sexual harassment.

This has barely been a blip on any news site.

It's like buried 13th down past some bullshit drama with Jennifer Aniston's ex and what Kanavaugh's "victim" ate for breakfast or some shit.

Facebook says nothing.
None of the shitlibs I know on FB are doing there mandatory week-long post-shooting screeching for gun control.

 :tuss: I didn't know the shooter was a tranny until I clicked on this thread.
I took the headline's word at face value and """she""" looked like a bulldyke in the thumbnail.

God the Western media is a fucking joke.
Goon Acres / Re: LOWTAX THREAD
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I disabled adblock and took a look at SA. I only see one ad on every page 'love has no labels'. Is it just me? Or did they kill user ads?
barf: 'Eurafrica is part of Europe's demographic and cultural destiny'


Today’s waves of African migration are merely a prelude. Of the 2.2bn citizens added to the global population by 2050, 1.3bn will be Africans—about the size of China’s population today. And more of them will have the means to travel. Those Africans risking the trip north across the Mediterranean today are not the poorest, but those with a mobile phone to organise the trip and money to pay smugglers. Few of the Nigerians who attempt the crossing are from their country’s poor north, for example; almost all are from its wealthier south. As African countries gradually prosper, migration will surely increase, not decrease. Emmanuel Macron raised these points in a recent interview. The French president was recommending a new book, “The Rush to Europe”, published in French by Stephen Smith of Duke University, which models past international migrations like that of Mexicans into America to show that the number of Afro-Europeans (Europeans with African roots) could rise from 9m at present to between 150m and 200m by 2050, perhaps a quarter of Europe’s total population...

There is an alternative “Eurafrica” strategy, writes Mr Smith. This is to accept the integration of Africa and Europe. Alex de Waal, an Africa expert at Tufts University, agrees that is the only realistic course. “The logic of history is a European-Mediterranean market that will cross the Sahara, too,” he says. “The challenge is to recognise that reality and make it a mutually beneficial and regulated one. Building walls will not work.” This, so he contends, means increasing Europe’s role as a supporter of, and model for, a multilateral Africa: backing blocs, based on the EU, which are either continental (such as the African Union) or regional (like the East African Community and the Economic Community of West African States).
It also means creating regulated routes for migrants travelling in both directions. Over the century, European districts that today have a Eurafrican character—parts of Barcelona, Marseille, Brussels and London, say—will become more the norm than the exception. “African migrants will provide a significant part of the European workforce, so we need to ask what part of the workforce and what sort of training we need to provide,” says Mr de Waal. African music and food will become more prominent in European cultural and culinary diets. Meanwhile Lagos, Casablanca, Nairobi and Kinshasa would receive their own influxes of European businesses, politicians and fortune-seekers.

The two options, Fortress Europe versus Eurafrica, may one day end up as a choice between denial and reality. Europe cannot insulate itself from the dramatic long-term shifts in its continental neighbour. Like it or not, Eurafrica is part of Europe’s demographic and cultural destiny. It is better, surely, not to ignore or reject this but to work out how to make it a success.
BS testimony is happening Thursday. Repubs cucked to the demands. Thursday is the final day for a vote so i.e. Kavanaugh is not getting confirmed before the midterms. Delay tactics worked 100%.

I don’t know why you keep spouting this. He can absolutely be confirmed after October 1st and immediately take the seat once confirmed.

Telltale was progressive.
Their spending was excessive.
But with all their clout and virtue clanging.
They still left the black character hanging.

RIP in Pepperoni and Cheese.
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