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Thank God Trump saved us from the Bush/Clinton cycle we've been in for 30 years.
Sigh...they are not even British people that will be 'returning'.
TBF Cross was probably coked up at the time.
Goon Acres / Re: The Feminism Thread
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We like the Revolution in Mass, but at the same time the logistics of getting rip-snortin drunk and driving home from Gilette is something we're willing to do for football but not soccer. After the Patriots, you're one DUI case out of several thousand. You'll be fine. There's plenty of other drunk drivers honking their horns who stand out way more obviously than you do. After a Revolution game? You're fuckin screwed. You're one out of a small handful of DUI cases. Your surrounded by soccer moms and sober dads. Good fucking luck. You better go ahead and pop in another stick of gum before stopping off at Dunks for a large iced hazelnut.

We could have an insanely successful franchise if the team had a small stadium in Boston. Shit, they could gouge away at ticket prices and people would go, just because "soccer in the city is cool."

Basically, we totally wanna roleplay drunk English soccer hooligans (and would pay a lot of money to do so) but there's no immersion when you try to do it at an NFL football stadium way out in the suburbs.
Some Chinese actress accused David Cross of making fun of her 10 years ago and also being racist by asking her if she was going to beat him up with karate and then saying "Ching Chong Ding Dong."


Burn it all down, Hollywood faggots.

It's hilarious, but it's exactly the sort of thing that hypocrite kike would whine about if it was anyone else. Almost as if the most ardent virtue signalers are merely addopting some sort of projection, excusing their own behaviour by terming it a "societal" problem...
All Play Boy would have to do to modernize is focus on Gianluca Vacchi/Dan Bilzerian types and the women/events they are surrounded by. Head to Ibiza and cover some topless dancers. Head to Miami Music week and cover some festival sluts. You want some feminism? Here's a big-titted Iraq vet with no clothes and the tip of an m4 covering her vag. "Meet America's Sexiest War Vet and Stay At Home Mom"

Instead they went the other route.

They'll be totally irrelevant in no time.
on one hand you really can't fault playboy; its the fastest growing segment in porn right now


Even when you criticize troonery you can't help but glorify it. Kill yourself.
GWB literally did a full tv special during the Obama administration explaining why he was staying out of public eye, putting extreme emphasis on how former presidents should never criticise the current president because it damages the presidency itself rather than the individual.

I'll try to find it later if nobody else remembers it. at this point it's more or less an admission that his administration was nothing more than controlled opposition for the dems.
Everything you've ever needed to know about the left is seen by their sudden embrace (well, ever since last year) of Bush. He was Hitler before Trump was Hitler when he was President, and now he's some sort of noble elder statesman because he trashes Trump. And even Maher said that they were just kidding when they called Bush "Hitler" because now Trump really was Hitler. Do they not understand that the internet is a thing?  :stewart:
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