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SCAC: Serious Conversations About Cuphead / Re: The Amazing Race Game!
« Last post by OZMA CURES HAM on September 20, 2018, 06:21:20 PM »
A 14-year-old was arrested last week in Clay County, Florida after he tried to force a Walmart shopper to have sex with him at knifepoint, local media reports.

Authorities say that a concealed carrier, who was also shopping at the store, came to the woman’s rescue.

The victim, who has been identified as Alis Muntain, a teacher at a local Jacksonville high school, shared her version of the story on Facebook.

“I was making a quick run to get cat food and litter,” she said. Then, randomly, a teenager approached her, asked her how old she was and then said, “I want you to have sex with me. I have a knife in my pocket.”

Shocked and scared, Muntain reminded the teen that they were being recorded on the store’s camera, while also telling him that her husband and three-year-old son were outside waiting for her and will be “looking for me soon.”

The young perp seemed unfazed.

“And you are threatening me with a knife if I don’t have sex with you?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied, according to her telling of the encounter.

Right at this moment, Muntain got lucky because there was a fellow shopper crossing her path. She informed the man, the concealed carrier, of the situation.

“This boy has a knife and is threatening to use it on me if I don’t have sex with him,” she exclaimed. Muntain took off running while the concealed carrier drew his firearm.

“I firmly believe that if that man hadn’t walked by when he did and had his gun on him, things could’ve gone VERY differently,” she said on Facebook.

“It still doesn’t feel real,” she continued. “I’m so grateful that he was placed in my path at that moment, and that he was exercising his right to bear arms. I always figured that was a slim possibility at my school, but never at a Walmart in Fleming Island. You literally never know…”

Police applauded Muntain for the way she handled the situation.

“She did exactly what she needed to do as for as making contact with someone and getting them involved, to at least bring attention to herself and what was going on,” Sgt. Keith Smith with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office told News4Jax.

As for the suspect, he was taken to a juvenile detention center and given a mental health evaluation. Since he is a minor, Authorities are not releasing his identity.
The world may never know...

Probably an ex of if a current employee or an ex employee. Also drugs maybe involved.
...the shooter, Snochia Mosele...

Also black. We're way outside the narrative now. Nothing to see here. More mass shootings are committed by white men. Ban AR15 military assault weapons.
SCAC: Serious Conversations About Cuphead / Re: The Alt Right Dumping Ground
« Last post by Shakebox on September 20, 2018, 05:34:29 PM »
I'm halfway through The Greatest Story Never Told. Hitler was a God damn hero of the West. How have I just learned about this series? Has it been mentioned here?
The autists at Kiwifarms are doing some great work. They noticed that Sarah Sharp was trying to go after Ted Tso as the first CoC victim.

Sharp herself is a nutjob who recently decided she was nonbinary. About 2 years ago she had a sad and attacked Linus and the Linux community repeatedly because Linus is a big meanie-head and refuses to reign in the community's ability to call shit coders shit:

The Linux community called this behavior out for what it was. Sharp was a member of the Ada Initiative, who was apparently, if rumor is to be believed, trying to honeytrap Linus for years. The Ada Initiative purportedly closed down three years ago, but according to tech spergs it really just rebranded itself and fragmented into a number of "Diversity Consulting Firms."

As for Theodore Tso, he's the one who shot down sole RDRAND number generation, and Linus Torvald backed him up:

It's never been proven, but many believe that the RDRAND was demanded by Intel for such a backdoor. I personally wouldn't doubt this.

Sarah Sharp also used to work for Intel.
Not gonna say that's supicious, but... Well.

PA inspections are a joke, especially if you live in a non-emissions county. The state barely enforces shit around here.You can straight pipe anything but God forbid you have windows tinted.

His response should be “they are puppets, they don’t have genitalia.”

Where does it say you gotta have a cock to be gay? All you need is a mouth so you can suck cock.

Since the shooter is a FEEEEEMALE (no race mentioned) and she used a pistol*, let's see how long it takes before it's pushed aside for another DRUMPTH TWEET non-story.


Since this will probably die down in less than a news cycle, feel free to post other "mass shootings" that don't fit the shitlib "angry CISWHITEMAN with an AR15" narrative or just bitch about the ineffectiveness and stupidity of gun control in general.

*After Oct 2013, handgun purchases require a state-issued permit. They also have a 7-day waiting period and 1 purchase per month limit. AR15s, along with most "military-style" semi-auto rifles, have also been banned. That still hasn't stopped Baltimore "youths" from killing each other in record numbers.
Probably an ex of if a current employee or an ex employee. Also drugs maybe involved.

His response should be “they are puppets, they don’t have genitalia.”
Kinda like the woman who went insane when the guy said "3rd floor, lingerie" or some such nonsense because she said he was sexually harrassing her
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