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Drag shows are very problematic because they are basically minstrel shows for trannies and it shows that gays aren't as inclusive as the left likes to pretend.

This is true. Most run of the mill gays have outright contempt and mocking for trannys, and 99% of drag queens aren't actual  24/7 trannys.

The coming Gay vs Trans conflict, especially when it comes to eliminating drag culture as offensive will make the TERF wars pale in comparison.

troons also hate drag queens and drag queens hate troons typically
personally i hate them all including troons and also myself but thats just how ive seen other fuckups act
Boats are a great investment if your main goal is to get massive amounts of pussy though.

Not true. Other dudes like boats way more than bitches do. Of the hundreds of hours I logged on my boat in high school I'd say maybe, MAYBE, 3 of those had anyone but another dude with me (Excepting when it was family like my cousins out on the boat with me, etc.) because girls just weren't interested in going out on the lake. But tell a couple guys hey I have a boat, a tube, and a rope, and suddenly boat is full of dudes.

Sounds p gay.

P gay is being afraid to socialize with other guys because you think it's p gay
Goon Acres / Re: D&D Funny Quotes Thread
« Last post by Aran on February 18, 2018, 04:54:52 AM »
how does she have like no shame at all
She's a nigger
Goon Acres / Re: 888 Social Justice Struggles Against The Video Game Patriarchy
« Last post by HondaRider271 on February 18, 2018, 04:38:12 AM »
I got the game too and it is super badass. I literally got it just to support a shitlord's endeavors, and turns out it's a fucking masterpiece game.
Goon Acres / Re: D&D Funny Quotes Thread
« Last post by MY FURSONOUNS on February 18, 2018, 03:22:17 AM »
also just lol at "how white people plagued society"

please point me to the nog utopia that existed before the white debbil ruined everything (diffuculty: not wakanda)
Goon Acres / Re: D&D Funny Quotes Thread
« Last post by MY FURSONOUNS on February 18, 2018, 03:19:02 AM »
isnt streetroller a severely disabled weelchair-bound dude
Of course atop managed to turn a serious, grim, realistic, historical Eastern European game into an anime fight.
SCAC: Serious Conversations About Cuphead / Re: Hollywood, Weinstein and SJWs.
« Last post by OZMA CURES HAM on February 18, 2018, 02:15:11 AM »

Jeffrey Tambor Officially Out At ‘Transparent’ After Harassment Claims

EXCLUSIVE:More than three months after first being accused of sexual harassment on the set of Transparent, Jeffrey Tambor is officially off the Amazon series. While it is still unclear if the upcoming fifth season of the Emmy winning Jill Soloway-created show will be its last, it is very clear that Tambor will not be part of the new season at all, I’ve learned.

With the investigation by Amazon into multiple allegations of misconduct by the Golden Globe and Emmy winner recently completed, the decision to cut the Maura Pfefferman-portraying Tambor from Transparent was made in the past week. This of course comes Tambor said on November 19 that “I don’t see how I can return to Transparent,” citing the growing claims against him and “the politicized atmosphere that seems to have afflicted our set.”

The actor and his reps then tried to walk back that declaration after it was widely viewed as an exit from the series.

Today Amazon confirmed to Deadline that Tambor is not coming back and that the harassment investigation was recently concluded.

In this photo provided by Amazon Studios, Jeffrey Tambor, right, as Maura Pfefferman and Amy Landecker as Sarah Pfefferman appear in a scene from "Transparent." The series was nominated for 11 Emmy Awards…

With the Amazon probed paused for a few weeks late last year after they lost their investigator as more and more allegations coming out all across Hollywood, Tambor’s fate seemed clear as his contract was not picked up. Fellow core cast members Gaby Hoffman, Jay Duplass, Judith Light and Amy Landecker were all renewed with the show as Soloway and her writing team pondered ways in which Tambor’s character could or could not play a part in a fifth season. That effort took another step last month as the scribes looked at what they had compiled so far and what form and with whom it would take.

Reps for Tambor and Soloway did not respond to request for comment by Deadline on Thursday about this matter.

Back in November last year, transgender actresses Van Barnes and Trace Lysette came forward with allegations against Tambor. The actor issued a statement of apology, saying that he was “deeply sorry if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone as being sexually aggressive.” With his on-set behavior under scrutiny, Tambor added at the time: “I know I haven’t always been the easiest person to work with. I can be volatile and ill-tempered, and too often I express my opinions harshly and without tact. But I have never been a predator – ever.”

Less than a day after those claims by Lysette, Transparent writer and producer Our Lady J became the first and only member of the series to back both accusers publicly. Thanking Lysette for her “leadership,” the transgender scribe added, “We cannot let trans content be taken down by a single cis man.”
They can hire his twin brother, like in Arrested Development.
Goon Acres / Re: D&D Funny Quotes Thread
« Last post by the sip on February 18, 2018, 12:46:14 AM »
how does she have like no shame at all
The only possible way for this to stick would require these incidences to occur while he was president. Which will never happen. Most notably because hes too fucking old. Libs got nothing.

Surprisingly and also ironically, Trump is no Clinton.
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