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Hahaha! I want to see a picture of a troll farm
Goon Acres / Re: The Feminism Thread
« Last post by asip on September 21, 2017, 04:55:26 PM »

Pictured: French incel taking bath in light of possible legislation
Why does it look like Donald Trump in the picture?

99% sure that's Podesta
That makes sense but the hair just seemed Trumpian.


Who wants to bet that it isn't a novelty size check TO: DRUMPH C/O FACEBOOK FROM: KGB?

This is going to be very interesting.

YeA I don't get it either, the shadow makes Trump look like that Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro lol
Goon Acres / Country full of faggots considered "too macho" for clownworld
« Last post by J Dog on September 21, 2017, 04:48:07 PM »

Macron wants make wolf whistling and asking women for their phone number illegal under new plans to end 'macho' culture in France

Emmanuel Macron wants to ban men from following women and asking for their phone number under new plans to end the 'macho' culture in France.

The 39-year-old French President vowed to crackdown on harassment on public transport and in the street when he was on the election trail earlier this year.

A working party set up by, Marlene Schiappa, the under-secretary for gender equality, is now looking to produce legislation making it illegal to harass people in a public place - and this could mean outlawing wolf-whistles.

Five MPs on the committee will examine the legal definition of street harassment before ruling what fines should be imposed, according to The Times.

But critics say the measures will be hard to implement because of the difficulty of proving an offence had taken place.

Schiappa, a blogger and novelist who Macron has appointed to his cabinet, suggested earlier this year that punishments could be in the form of on-the-spot fines - but the exact figure has yet to be determined.

Speaking to the Guardian, she revealed sexual harassment on the street was a 'huge phenomenon' in France. 

'Itís that moment when a man is walking behind a woman, talking to her, and the woman can do nothing, because sheís alone. She doesnít scream for help, because she thinks, "Itís not that bad, Iíll walk, Iíll escape."

'Men feel itís acceptable: theyíre being "the French lover".'

She said that women are molested so often that many dress to avoid it before using public transport.

The previous government launched a campaign called Stop: That's Enough as part of a crackdown.

Schiappa added: 'At the moment, many men are saying, "Itís not a big deal, weíre only having fun." And we say, "No"'.
Let's Play Something Sensitive's Favorite Game: GUESS THE PROFESSION!

Today's subject is a lovely non-gendered person who insists on being referred to with the honorific "Mx." (pronounced "mix")

What is its profession?
a. Unemployed
b. Science Museum Intern
c. Grade School Teacher
d. Verified Twitter Poster
Why does it look like Donald Trump in the picture?

99% sure that's Podesta

Yeah, you can tell by the young boy under the podium.
Maybe I'm dense (confirm) but wtf is supposed to be happening in that pic? Is the angle from above or is it some really weird angle so the outline is behind her?

It's just really a bizarre image and I have no clue what it's supposed to convey other than fuck you Alaska and hawaii.

I think that was the shot where the 'glass ceiling' was going to shatter upon her victory and the America map was part of the massive special effect (something like 500 grand spent on that alone)
The camera angle is 180 degrees above. Was the glass going to rain down over her in a shower of razor-sharp shards of glass because hey, can I change my vote?
Why does it look like Donald Trump in the picture?

99% sure that's Podesta
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