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Sadly the Italians of a couple millennia ago aren't with us anymore and have been blacked repeatedly since.

Things you say when you get your history from a scene in a campy movie.

Besides, you're confusing Italians with Sicilians and the Moors weren't even black.

Post recycling yey!

In that scene the cop is just trying to piss off the mobster so he kills him quickly and doesn't get to torture his son's location from him.

The "moors" that conquered Sicily were largely berber tribes, and north Africa was never populated by kangz as some afrocentrists and neonazi race hierarchies alike would have it. That northern Italy is more "white" than the south is largely due to germanic elite replacement and tribal migration. First Odoacer the leader of the foedorati becomes king of Italy, then the Ostrogoths move in from the east, then eventually the Lombards.

If anything south Italy, under the control of the Byzantines before it fell to Islam and was reconquered by norman invaders, had less "foreign" DNA intake. You could make the case south Italians are closer to the original "roman" stock at the fall of the Empire than the north. The saying may be that Africa starts at Rome but the usual delineation I've seen is starting from Naples to the whole of Sicily, more or less the extent of the medieval Kingdom of Naples.
Goon Acres / Re: Look At These Fucking Goons
« Last post by ompb on November 23, 2017, 06:24:10 AM »
So same thing, different pedophile.

More pressingly, the DJ and Live Act lists were overwhelmingly dominated by men, mostly from the US and Europe. They didn't represent the reality of electronic music in 2016, a scene in which countless incredibly talented women play to packed clubs each weekend. To continue running these features would be to diminish the vital contribution they make to electronic music.

It's also important to remember that dance music is an art form born in queer communities, shaped by people of colour and populated by artists of all genders. But, simply put, this isn't something you'd know by looking at the recent results of our polls. At best, the lists misrepresented the reality of the scene; at worst, they helped to reinforce some of its harmful power dynamics, which still favour white men above everyone else. This is reason enough to make a change.

If you can't get enough strong wymyn, homos and noble POCs on the list... THEN SHUT IT DOWN!

A Pakistani doctor who molested a student nurse on a hospital ward is to keep his job after blaming the incident on 'cultural norms' in the UK.

Married locum doctor Imran Qureshi, 44, grabbed the breast of the 21-year-old and told her he wanted an affair as he considered her 'sexually available' because she'd had previous boyfriends.

Picture of this Pakistani """doctor"""

What is he a doctor of? Violating white women?
If you post that image on Reddit you will cause their servers to burst into flames with the amount of upvotes and semen pumping through the system all at once
If they somehow manage to physically remove Merkel from the halls of power, this is her (probable) replacement:

Goon Acres / Re: redditors.txt
« Last post by Virtue Signalman First Class on November 23, 2017, 03:33:07 AM »
On net neutrality, ending it has no benefits for anyone but ISPs and you are a fool if you think otherwise. Blatant palm greasing.

This is all you need to know about net neutrality.
Goon Acres / Re: The Beta Male Thread
« Last post by npr sustaining member on November 23, 2017, 03:07:54 AM »
I did a whole tour of the midwest for 14 days on a bus filled with chinese tourists. Every day started at around 4-5am. Many of the motels has floors that were more comfortable than the beds. I bet these people would have been trying to claw their way out of their skin.

The one thing I did learn is that Utah has a shitload of Chinese buffets tucked away in places that you wouldn't think that would have them. Because that's essentially what we ate for 14 days was all chinese food.

this sounds amazing, how did you sign up for it?
It took us roughly ~25 years between developing jet engines to landing on the moon.

Just imagine what we could've accomplished in the last 30 if we weren't spending billions on gibs.

If you count all the gibs funds in the Western world over the past half a century, we are probably talking trillions of dollars worth of money that went into something that will never be net positive for society.

I legit believe we would have bases on the Moon and we would have visited Mars by now, if it wasn't for all the money that we burned away on gibs.
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