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Lol @ taking Q as anything else than some weirdos larping as the Lone gunmen from X-files.
And yet still somehow more reliable than CNN.

Bigfoot is going to appear on the back of the Loch Ness Monster holding the Trump nigger tapes any day now.
Lol @ taking Q as anything else than some weirdos larping as the Lone gunmen from X-files.
The BBC is a fucking travesty...once once of the best media outlets, these days you can count on the following every single fucking day
On the front page of their news site there will be at least one leading piece on Trump and the latest childish 'scandal', something about blacks, trannies, gays, feminists.
A BRITISH news outlet has been leading with Trump hit pieces for the last few years...meanwhile Brexit news, is hidden in the politics section.
is this that important thing you couldn't remember frank?
Muslim colonists in France are famous for engaging in the colorful practice of setting peoples cars on fire every New Years Eve. Last year 1,031 vehicles went up in flames. Looks like Islamocarbeques are catching on up in Gothenburg, Sweden and colonists arent waiting until the end of the year to delight in the festivity.

It also didn't take long for said Islamocarbeques to burst all over the country. The canary in the coalmine of modern liberalism has had its tailfeathers set ablaze.

More than 100 cars have been set alight in across Sweden overnight, as gangs of masked youths went rampaging in a series of arson attacks believed to have been coordinated on social media.

Dozens of vehicles burned in Swedens four major cities Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and Uppsala on Monday evening and in the early hours of Tuesday.

Prime Minister Stefan Lfven responded with an impotent curse word. What the f*** are you doing? Lfven demanded of the arsonists, who he must know are likely to be welfare colonists imported and bred by his government.

The answer to his rhetorical question: making it clear who is boss.

Over 100 cars were torched just in the Gothenburg area. Another 13 went up in Stockholm and Uppsala.

No worries; the police are on top of it.

We have already started making calls to the parents of the youths who were taking part in this, Gothenburg police spokesperson Ulla Brehm told SVT.

They have even made two arrests. The miscreants, aged 16 and 21, could spend whole hours behind bars.

Barks Ulla:

We chose not to arrest anyone on the spot, but have identified them.

Arresting them on the spot before they could torch more cars might have angered them, making these emissaries of Islam feel themselves to be oppressed.

Maybe Swedes should just get used to it, much akin to the way the Slum Lord of London, Sadiq Khan, says his city should accept terror attacks as part and parcel of life. After all, 3,098 cars were set afire in Sweden just between 2016 and 2017. For perspective, consider that the population of Sweden (9.9 million) is not much larger than that of New York City (8.5 million).

Nowhere does the Daily Mail source article mention the 99% likelihood that the arsonists are of Islamic background. But it does mention this:

Last year in February, two days after US President Donald Trumps baffling comments linking crime to immigration in Sweden, riots broke out in the immigrant-heavy northern Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby.

Baffling. It doesnt take much to baffle the clownworld establishment that created this mess.
Goon Acres / Re: The Feminism Thread
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My wife got fat guys. She's no longer 108lbs, she's up to.... 118 :( At 5'9" that's like double obese


If Q had any legit information he would spell it out plain as day. Look how the actual FBI courted the press for leaks they didn't do any cryptic message bullshit. hell even look at Omarosa, she made recorded tapes.

besides MOS stands for Main Operating System, he's talking about The Gangster Communist Computer god.
Q finally named the Jew. Watch the redditors react!



My read is that + is the Khazarian Mafia, the oldest and most powerful part of the pyramid. Oldest and most dangerous. The puppet masters of the puppet masters, shielded from consequence by layers of deception and centuries of historic distortion. Even The Rothschilds ++ and House of Saud +++ answer to them. The END.

Seems legit.


Eastern Europe continues to deliver.

Polands right-wing defense minister has used the term sodomites to describe those who took part in a weekend LGBT pride parade.
He called the march another parade of sodomites who are trying to impose their own interpretation of civic rights on other people.
If communism is what it takes to inoculate a nation against current year socjus, maybe the Cold War wasn't a total waste.
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