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Of course atop managed to turn a serious, grim, realistic, historical Eastern European game into an anime fight.

Get a poleaxe/polearm and just wreck everything.

best weapon class in the whole game.

More stats that puts to rest the "asians are natural conservatives" idea that was floated in the generation zyklon thread:

If you weren't a retard you'd understand that the point was not that Asians vote toward collectivism and big government (they do), it's that they suffer disproportionately from big government policies that they vote for even worse than whites and that something about them prevents them from seeing this, being that their interests do naturally align with whites and their intelligence being quite good on average, so they should be able to notice.

Need stats on just East Asians imo. Street shitters are lumped into Asian

This too, being that I'd guess long term Indians will end up closer to Mexicans and have their 2nd generation be gibs magnets.
But how many of those pesky Russians are potential school shooters? :smug:
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The Further Adventures of Pozzie and Hairy-It
LOL @ anyone claiming :proc: are natural conservatives.
Need stats on just East Asians imo. Street shitters are lumped into Asian

I remain convinced that, while generally based and hardworking, asians are also generally collectivist sheep.  The first generation come here with nothing, work their asses off and send their kids to college, those kids become pozzed assholes who nonetheless work hard and are intelligent.  Asians divide into either 1) progressive SJW retards or 2) completely unconcerned with politics and only focused on themselves
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Poorly drawn swastika
Someone figured out the attendance at those RUSSIAN ORGANIZED political rallies that Mueller is indicting the Russians for:

March for Trump, June 25 (NYC) and Down with Hillary, July 23 (NYC) - Unclear if rallies held at all, no written or photo evidence

Support Hillary, Save American Muslims, July 9 (DC) - Unclear if held, no written/photo evidence

Florida Goes Trump, August 20 (Multiple 'flash mobs, FL) - ~4 or 5 rallies, none attended by more than 15 people, most fewer than 10

Miners for Trump, October 2 (Multiple locations, PA) - None actually happened

--------------------------- Election ---------------------------

Trump is not my President, November 12 (NYC) - ~10000 people, first weekend after election, one anti-Trump rally among dozens nationwide

Charlotte against Trump, November 19 (NC) - ~100 people

So you can see this is the true power of the Kremlin and Drumpf will be impeached for it very soon
Not much of a rabbi, he's missing two candles
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You have to be a special type of cuck to not want to bang the local girls in East Asia. 
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