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Goon Acres / Re: redditors.txt
« Last post by fucking faggot on Today at 01:48:38 PM »
during my time in NYC I knew this jew broad who spent $20k on a two month backpacking trip. the money was actually the entirety of a severance package she received for a single month's work upon being fired from a major corporation. (not only did she lie on her resume to get the job, but once in, she did nothing but sit around on her ass and watch netflix.)

upon returning to the States via California, her first stop was straight to the hospital because she had some kind of STD/STI in her throat that had her scared shitless. she must've picked something up from one of the 13 dudes she fucked overseas.

bonus lul: the last leg of her trip was a visit to her cuck BF in south korea, where he was teaching english. no idea if he found out that she'd been whoring it up across europe or not, though

huh, never thought I could pack so much degeneracy in so few sentences

edit: two month not four
Need stats on just East Asians imo. Street shitters are lumped into Asian
Goon Acres / Re: redditors.txt
« Last post by HondaRider271 on Today at 01:32:47 PM »
20k on a 4-month BACKPACKING trip?

I'm gonna guess they mean backpacking as in "backpacking through Europe" not "doing the PCT or AT." Stay at nice hotels for 4 months and you hit 20k real easy.
More stats that puts to rest the "asians are natural conservatives" idea that was floated in the generation zyklon thread:

Bonus infographic:

I got the game too and it is super badass. I literally got it just to support a shitlord's endeavors, and turns out it's a fucking masterpiece game.

Same. I want to buy at least one other copy for someone else.
Goon Acres / Re: redditors.txt
« Last post by Virtue Signalman First Class on Today at 01:07:58 PM »
20k on a 4-month BACKPACKING trip?

Goon Acres / Re: redditors.txt
« Last post by unprivsplain on Today at 12:41:15 PM »
I think that soyboy camping trip video was posted on this forum. It was basically backpacking but with none of the work. I saw this post and it reminded me of it (this is a girl though).

Can someone tell me it's not the end of the world if I spend a shit tonne of money backpacking? I'm looking at blowing 20k on 4 months once in a lifetime trip, but I just can't bring myself to buy the tickets. I have no debt, no dependents, no financial responsibilities aside from my phone. It is fine right?

I'm to the point in KCD where I'm just violently one shotting everything and breaking through everyone's defenses.

Most enemies don;t even fall when they die now, they just stand in place looking eviscerated and then maybe after a minute or 2 they'll go through their death animation and the physics will make the corpse bounce like a ball before crumpling over.
Of course atop managed to turn a serious, grim, realistic, historical Eastern European game into an anime fight.


Supposedly a Black Panther chimpout

This brawl erupted over the issue of who was proudest of their african heritage
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