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Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) told "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday that he would be taking a DNA test, and that he thinks he can "beat" Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in terms of the amount of Cherokee heritage that it will show.

"I've been told that my grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. It may all be just talk, but you're gonna find out in a couple of weeks because I'm gonna take this test," he said.

When asked if he also wanted $1 million, Graham joked that he "wants a casino and a million bucks."

Worthless sluts  :goonsay:
Something confirming we all knew TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a real verifiable thing, and its more than likely getting worse:

Hmm I notice the use of the word "us" clearly its not most Americans so who could this journalist working for politico be referring to? :adam:
Anyway the second story which I am sure is completely unrelated to the first:

Got to keep that hope for impeachment no matter how far fetched going now that whorse face Stormy Daniels has fallen to the Orange Menace we, the unbiased news media, will sue Trump proving once and for all that he is exactly right about us. Now of course the main people that suffer TDS are journalists themselves (or do a damn good job of pretending to suffer from it) but from their paranoid and at times incoherent reporting on anything even vaguely close to Trump you have to wonder how much panic and anxiety this causes the people reading or watching what they say.

They are effecting people in a clearly negative way, in a way they are terrorizing the dumb idiots that actually believe them and parrot their talking points to others in some demented game of insanity inducing telephone. How many families have stopped talking to each other, how many relationships broken up and jobs lost thanks to this kind of reporting? Its not enough just to call them out, they will just say that its "russian bots" or get their buddies at the ADL and SPLC to label any dissenters Nazis. The falling rate in viewers isn't changing their tune either. They need to be held responsible by the law for making things up and causing this kind of mass hysteria, War of the Worlds ain't got nothing on CNN.

The fact that Trump literally has CNN devoting hours and hours of programming per day defending a whore porn star is amazing, just because he called her Horseface. It's not even a good nickname, but they have turned on the pearl clutching overdrive over it.

I love this timeline so so much.
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Op on behalf of the feeder/feedee community I have to say this is some serious shaming, how absolutely dare you? I'd kick your ass if I were to see you irl.
Free MPC Knockoff Forum / Re: weight loss tips
« Last post by blasting_asshole on Today at 04:10:31 PM »
I have exactly what you were looking for. No need to make a whole thread.


Edit: Wow... beaten by less than 10 seconds.
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This is what happens when you say you're fat on the forums Aran.
Free MPC Knockoff Forum / weight loss tips
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Many people who are near to lose a huge amounts of excess weight do not know where to begin as well as how to motivate. Typically, due to an excessive amount of information, they will not grab essentially the most needed, and typically don't dare to cross their comfort zone. Nevertheless, there are a variety of primary steps that will assist everyone.
weight loss meal plan
Initially, weight reduction appears really easy - we be aware of the fact that to be able to obtain it, the digested energy off of the food must be lower than the expended.
Although it's reasonable that it might be easy job, especially when you have no idea where to start out and what are crucial steps you should take.
Even more if you will soon lose 30, forty, 50 increasingly more pounds. Very one who has gone through this path knows that should be not sufficient enough simply to understand of your ingredients and movement. We additionally need a whole lot of work with thoughts, attitudes, emotions.
It is another thing to accept down "these three kilos that stop you from looking in good shape at the beach," however it's another matter to eliminate the big obese that is endangering your health.
I can bring improvements because I've suffered through each situations. Prior to entering high school I'd grown 94 kg on a height of 1.sixty seven m.
I took more than 30 kg at the time. However I was small, I were able the necessary information, I used to be ashamed to seek help, and to discover the weight reduction was not done within the healthiest way, so that led to quite a lot of issues (most of which We have been doing even today).
I thought of the things I wish to know then, however no one informed me.
Perhaps I actually am guilty - I have not even sought help.
The circumstances have fallen so that I now come with the chance to let me know my experience with another man and I can be glad if the advice helped even one person.
And so.
If you decide it is time to act for only yourself and your health status, however to get this you would like to eradicate an excessive amount of extra weight; should you not know the place to begin, use a sheet and pen and record the basic steps that I feel could be of great help.
how to lose weight fast
1. Be well cognizant to your health
Very often excessive chubby can reason various health issues (hypertension, insulin resistance, etc.).
It is great to be well tuned in to your situation in advance of the change.
A good suggestion is to consult a specialist. If you locate an issue straight away and accept acceptable measures to beat the situation, this may increasingly further make it easier to struggle weight loss.
2. Begin the modification with the fitting angle
Many people perceive diet as many things has a first time and an end. I would say until this is doomed to failure.
The idea is to imagine that so as to be very healthy, you have to make adjustments to your habits and prevent them constant.
There's a beginning, however there isn't a finish - you are taking a highway that ought to not trouble you, but quite the opposite - cause you to enjoy each moment.
3. Set ones own targets as time passes by
To possess motivation, it is good to set a particular goal - what number of kilos you desire to obtain for how long.
It is very important for this target to be sensible and understand it as a tenet on tips on how to move.
That is, don't be disappointed if you do not go 1: 1 considering the pre-drawn plan.
It is believed to be wholesome if you lose 1kg per week (4kg per thirty days), but if in case you have too much downloadable weight, it should occur at a faster fee at first.
Divide the large aim into several smaller stages.
Much better to suit psyche is to state, "In the next 2 months I get the urge to lose 8 kg" than: "For 12 months I must lose 50 kg".
Once you have achieved your primary goal, don't repeat bad habits. Keep the achievements and feel healthy, enjoying life.
4. Be patient
It has taken you years to reach the career you're in. You do not anticipate you could do away with this weight for two months?
Do not be luscious about the fast results as a result of within the specifics of the subject they don't seem to be durable and healthy.
I expect that any time I dropped those 30 kilos, somebody is bound to have instructed me that the starvation wouldn't take me far, and even worsen the condition.
However no one instructed me, and I did not ask. The yo-yo impact and after that occurs the menstrual period problems occurred.
5. Get help
It is important that you are not by yourself in this endeavor. Assist is particularly significant from a level of view.
Discover similarists - individuals that have related goals.
Share your results.
Why wouldn t you generate a diary within the discussion board?
Right here are people who might help you with motivation, good words, give you directions for reflection and another point of view.
Men's diaries.
Women's diaries.
6. Observe your results
Make every success, regardless of what small he is. Do not ignore any dropped kilogram.
Shoot your self - by the identical situations and at a certain interval of time.
I know if you receive lots of downloads to download, minimal you need to is shoot. But the comparative photos show items that we miss when we look day by day in the mirror.
This may additional assist motivation and the need to continue.
:facepalm: I can't believe she went to the press with this.

Why wouldn't she win the NPC approved media outlets report this story as this?

‏Verified account @vicenews

Elizabeth Warren revealed the results of a DNA test Monday, bolstering both her claims to a Native American heritage — and the near-certainty that she’ll run for president in 2020

Sadly for her there are some press outlets that ARE actually free press and don't just copy past whatever their masters tell them

I would honestly say the Onion is more accurate than most media outlets at this point:

The Onion
‏Verified account
Elizabeth Warren Disappointed After DNA Test Shows Zero Trace Of Presidential Material https://trib.al/k7LDljd

I just don't get it guys, can someone explain why people don't trust the media anymore???
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F1g83R7EGI" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F1g83R7EGI</a>

Old, but same story again and again.
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