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Religion is gay


--- Quote from: Chris HansAran on November 21, 2013, 08:05:12 AM ---Religion is gay

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You are gay and you are also going to hell.


30 Year Old Scrotal Sack:
This is me IRL:


--- Quote from: Prominent Scrotal Sack on November 21, 2013, 08:14:12 AM ---This is me IRL:

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How much for Aimee Mann's toe?

The Trumpriarch: has the earlier stuff.

--- Quote from: Rocket on November 21, 2013, 05:23:43 AM ---But, how do you take science from an entire race, or even one person? And then you want them to blame whitey for their demise, again?

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Compared to Asia and the Middle East during that era, Medieval Europe was pretty backwards scientifically, though not as much as pop culture would have you believe, as the Christian church played a huge part in knowledge transfer between generations.  But the crusaders still brought back a lot of knowledge in algebra, alchemy (precursor to modern chemistry), medicine, new technologies (gunpowder, wheel barrow, etc.), and a lot of goods previously unseen in Europe.

--- Quote from: skink shamed ---If you're implying that xtians are in any way responsible for the decline of islamic progress then lol? No xtian brought about islamic occasionalism, the antithesis to scientific inquiry of the natural world. Xtian beliefs fostered modern science while ultimately other religious worldviews didn't. There's no incompatibility with theism or believing in Christian miracles and the honest and fruitful study of an orderly, comprehensible universe.

So anybody that says "lol i thought you were smart so how can you be xtian?" is a faggot.

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Are Christians responsible?  No. Did they have a part in it?  Yes.  The Muslims had the Christians to the west and the Mongols to the east both wanting to carve out pieces of their land, so they dealt with it by being more fundamental and conservative.  Why they thought this would help, I don't know.  The only fault for Islam's regression is their own, but it didn't spring from nothing.  And implying that there's something inherent about Christian belief that fostered modern science is just as fucking stupid as saying there's an incompatibility with theism and science.  My point is not that Christians didn't have a big part to play in modern science, because they certainly did, but that to say they're the only ones responsible is revisionist history that's told because the narrative that sandniggers and chinks contributed much to modern knowledge is unpalatable for some.

We can all agree that niggers haven't contributed anything except peanut butter, though.


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