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europe's been trending this way for a couple of years. at least france might have a left movement in its next elections, but in numerous countries there isn't one. hungary is too far gone, poland's reaching that point, austria's neo-nazi-ish party is pretty close to power, and there's no way the german grand coalition will work well enough to hold off the AfD

the world is going to be fucked in a few years and we may need another world war to get this shit out of our systems

Weird I remember Europe being a pretty nice place to visit/live prior to the migrant "crisis".

The cognitive dissonance of realizing your society is reaching the tipping point and wanting more of the status quo that brought you this point.

they blame declines on capitalism or some shit.  there's always a scapegoat to avoid you having to reconsider your beliefs if you look hard enough, or  if you have an army of bad media and leftist forums to tell you why you're actually not wrong depsite all contrary evidence