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This looks bad. Trump nominee for district judge cannot say what a motion in limine is. That's really, really bad. But this is typical of high rise lawyers, many of whom don't see the inside of a court in their first 5 years, if ever. The questions about the FRE and FRCivP are kind of dumb because no one reads them through after law school but he should have known to answer that way. This is just embarrassing. I wish he had asked him about Iqbal/Twombly or Rooker/Feldman.

I don't get this shit, the guy has a law degree from what I read and was chairman of the FEC among a bunch of other prestigious jobs. Like you said, some of the questions seemed like "gotchas" on just random legalese shit. IDK, I know nothing about the trade but the guy himself says he was never in litigation and he has to do some catching up. What's wrong with that? It's not like it's some rando off the street, he's had a long career. This seems like just some spin bullshit to me.

EDIT: I didn't read past the post I quoted.. still seems like he got him with one gotcha question about MIL.
Imagine there is a government agency that oversees standards for tires. It's pretty important that tires are safe. We all agree that a lot of people could be hurt if there were no standards for tires so the position is pretty important.

So they interview a candidate and ask him about wedge. He doesn't undestand that term. Ok. Maybe give him a pass on a racing term. But still, you'd think he'd know because you would think that his interest in the subject would cause him to self-educate on related subjects. But whatever, you let that pass.

But then he doesn't know about castor, camber and toe. What? Then he doesn't understand rate of treadware or what a Z rating is. And he doesn't understand temp ratings.

He can't answer important questions - very basic questions - about an important job. Is this the guy you want in charge of tire standards? It's ludicrous. And he shold be humiliated for agreeing to be nominated.

Then you ask him, "So what the fuck do you know about tires?"  He replies, "Well, I know how to mount them on wheels and I know how to clean them and I know what they cost."

*sad trombone*
LOL remember when McCarthyism made it hard to be a leftist without polite ostracism from upscale social clubs and organized boycotts?

Well apparently not only is it correct to repress Communism after all so it doesn't destroy your civilization, if you let them have their version of McCarthyism the sin isn't actual subversion, it's normal social relations.
Yeah and it took a matter of minutes for goons to find another thread where she talked about wanting a high end gaming rig.

Also on top of her being an octoroon, she has probably one of the whitest names I've ever seen.
Her beta orbiters in discord desperately want to fuck her since she's the only female contact they have.

She has some bizarre fantasy of some white man worth 6 billion dollars riding in on a horse that's 50 shades of grey in to come carry her off to a better life.

Yet she can't even cook or clean.
Want a closer look? More Naima Lowe.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbbBiE_eG2g" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbbBiE_eG2g</a>

I'd be throwing that computer in the trash before the LAPD gets an anonymous tip you have child porn on it.
Lol at the FTC doing shit to ISPs.

On caps, yeah caps are gonna be the norm once they start raising up bills and instituting various tiers with your streaming video packages. ISPs have shown time and time again if you give them an inch they take a mile. There's a reason this was done and you're retarded if you think it has anything to do with "removing regulatory burden so we can invest/lower prices" as if that has ever happened in any industry ever. What did they do with all of that fiber laying around?

Beyond that it was rammed through despite the vast majority of people being opposed to it. Then you have Pajeet  justifying it with the clearest lines of bullshit ever shat out.
Those are some faggot ass numbers, but when you delve into the report itself you find out that the enquirees had a female majority, mostly old people and with a majority academic background, of whom around 60-70% were counted to have an immigrant/foreign speaking person or persons in their family or circle of friends.

So yeah it's a little distorted.

Also it's p. funny how they didn't conduct that research in Turku where the one mud allahu snacbar'd women's throats last summer.

I do have some concerns, but it's hard to parse through the bullshit. A lot of people are trying to pin this down as a left/right thing: if you're pro NN you are for Obama and sociaism, if you're anti NN you are pro Trump, consumer freedom, and helping good American big business be properly capitalistic.

So for those that believe this, my concern is that if the ISPs weren't regulated and mandated to treat all traffic the same, what protects this website? It seems that any of you who were having a sad that Daily Stormer and other WN webshites were SHUT DOWN would be pro NN. It's one thing if companies refuse them hosting, but it's a whole 'nother level if say Spectrum and Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint just say "yeah we're blocking those hatesites so even if they have a host you can't see them on your home computer or cell phone." And of course what happens if social justice types get them to lump in sites like this with them? It seems like we would go back to the days where people were on AOL and thought that small, curated garden was "The Internet."

I don't know if this is true, because like I said, it's hard to parse through the bullshit, so I would genuinely like to hear from the pro NN side on this point.


The Daily Stormer was shut down while this legislation was in place. That shows you everything you need to know about what it actually did with regards to freedom of expression on the internet.

Bingo, also there are tens of thousands of little spots like this going anywhere from 14/88 hardcore white power niggerdeath to happy bouncing faggot universalist flower children to 15 year old Antifa leftists LARPing punch a Nazi when their stick arms get tired from tapping at keys too long, just not enough manpower to root through it all and too much blowback to the group in power if they go too far.  It was a HUGE shock to a lot of people when government/media censorship elected Trump, there's no way the groups involved aren't going to at least think before acting, it's already cost them hundreds of billions.

Chad confirmed Finnish.

Jesus Christ. I can't tell which is worse, the levels of cucking from the Brits or the "singing" of these children.
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