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Goon Acres / Re: LOWTAX THREAD
« Last post by White Rapper on Today at 03:55:51 PM »

Goddamn lowtax you are a stupid old man.

All the useless parasites that have attached themselves to the games industry are running the conferences.

Where are the lectures on novel ways to model large crowd interactions? Pitfalls in procedurally generated content? Hell, here's a topic that would be of value for a significant sector of the population - making games more accessible through controller and visual settings. They don't have to be the defaults, but with some tweaks, you could make games more easily playable for the *millions* of Americans with vision and motor control issues that would be happy to spend money on games.
I feel like there's some unintended consequence stuff brewing behind that bank seizure. Like they're going to fleece somebody's forgotten savings account or ruin somebody that lives off interest percentages. Maybe ruin somebody's birth to 18 savings for a kid.
Goon Acres / Re: 888 Unsourced Autistic Games and Animu Rants by ATOP
« Last post by Handyman on Today at 03:16:43 PM »
Topics at this year's GDC...    :goonette:

Diversity Advocates Roundtable Day 1: Maintaining Community Initiatives, Risks and Tools  (presented by Rebecca Cohen-Palacios, Co-Founder and Director, Pixelles and Tanya DePass, Director, I Need Diverse Games)

Understanding the Social Values of Your Players

Advocacy Microtalks: 20 Slides for Taking Action

Censorship Strikes Back Roundtable (Presented by IGDA) (Speaker is Daniel Greenberg)

Fostering Diversity in Games

Black Developers Matter Roundtable (Presented by IGDA)

Muslims in Games Roundtable (Presented by IGDA)

A How-To Guide for Muslim Representation in Video Games

LGBTQ+ Game Developer Community Roundtable

Jewish Developers Roundtable (Presented by IGDA)

How has B.J. Blazkowicz's Jewish identity been used as a strength or weakness in Wolfenstein 2? Does the Jewish mob in GTA IV actually exist? Did your request for time off for Yom Kippur get denied because "crunch time"? The IGDA Jewish Developers SIG is hosting an open discussion for Jewish developers to express their satisfactions and frustrations with the game dev community in regards to how they are treated at work and portrayed in games. Allies are also strongly encouraged to participate, including discussing how they can show solidarity in their workplace and when creating game content.

I Am from the Future: Moving Past Women in Games 101 Roundtable

Supporting an Inclusive Industry Through the IGDA Foundation Roundtable

Democratic congressman Jew Jewinski, a social conservative,

[[[Josh Israel]]]


On Tuesday, despite his vocal Holocaust denial, his anti-Semitic rhetoric, and his white supremacist views, 20,339 Illinois Republicans, according to preliminary totals, cast their ballots for Arthur Jones.

Jones’ Nazi-sympathies were not a secret going into election day. His campaign website features a slideshow of pictures of him speaking at white nationalist events. He is a perennial candidate who has previously run for U.S. House, Chicago alderman, and mayor of Chicago, and even mayor of Milwaukee. Chicago media extensively covered the race. The Anti-Defamation League warned voters of his record. The chairman of Illinois Republican Party even disavowed him, saying “The Illinois Republican Party and our country have no place for Nazis like Arthur Jones. We strongly oppose his racist views and his candidacy for any public office, including the 3rd Congressional District.”

:holocaust: Please don't vote for this man goyim.

While the National Republican Congressional Committee, the campaign arm of the House GOP, dismissed Jones last month as “a fringe candidate who has been doing this for over a decade with with no real connection to the GOP,” his campaign platform mirrors President Trump’s agenda. Jones’ campaign website promises to “put America first” with border protections, the elimination of “Sanctuary Cities”, no “amnesty for illegal aliens,” gun rights, and a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

:unparsons: His actual positions and actions towards those positions do not matter goyim, only do what we tell you.  This man is a fascist Nazi and that is all you need to know.

Jones will face incumbent Democratic Congressman Daniel Lipinski, a social conservative, who narrowly won renomination on Tuesday.

You see goy, we have social conservatives on our side too! 

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