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Goon Acres / Re: Suggested usernames for incoming users
« Last post by 888 Didnt Read Shit on Today at 08:58:41 AM »
Men are Hoggs
This is probably fake but I don't care.

Goon Acres / Re: The Feminism Thread
« Last post by J Dog on Today at 08:50:41 AM »

A court in Austria has ruled that transport ministry official Peter Franzmayr was discriminated against on the basis of his gender when a managerial role he applied for was given to a woman instead.


I guess its time to add the 14th Amendment to the list of Amendments progressives want to repeal.
SCAC: Serious Conversations About Cuphead / Re: F.A.N.G.
« Last post by Dental Grade Dildo on Today at 08:30:54 AM »
Side note: Ghostery is pretty shady, use Privacy Badger instead.

A 13-year-old Georgia boy is facing charges of making terroristic threats after he allegedly left voicemails saying he wanted to murder black people on the answering machine of an NAACP office.

A two week investigation into the February 25 calls was conducted by the Marietta Police Department and the FBI, revealing that the disguised caller’s voice was that of a 13-year-old boy, WGCL-TV reported. The teen allegedly used a computer program or mobile app to disguise his voice.

“My number is kill n***ers 101. My name, Johnny Rebel,” the teen said on the voicemail. “My profession murdering black people. F**k you stupid f***ing n***ers. [Inaudible] F***ing kill yourself. Stupid n***er loving Jews.”

Fuckin' based!

Once Generation Zyklon does what we weren't able to do and purges all the Jews and negroes from the land, I hope they purge cuckservatives and "concerned centrists" next.
SCAC: Serious Conversations About Cuphead / Re: F.A.N.G.
« Last post by OOK OOK SCREE (D-IL) on Today at 05:22:19 AM »
I'm still not getting the big deal here about this. I understand the concept of things being worse when a spotlight is shown on it, but still. The CEO/exec guy they had who was jerking himself off over this "BIG DATA ANALYTICS" is every single tech sales pitch ever.

The problem is Cambridge Analytica used this to help the wrong side.  If they'd been working for Hillary nothing would be said, as they're working for the other side this becomes another element in the DRUMPF ONLY WON BECAUSE OF FOUL PLAY narrative.

I understand that aspect of it. But the media isn't even capable of framing why it's bad from that obvious one.

For a lot of reasons.  Not only is it impossible to explain in the idiot 5 second sound bite summary that they limit their explanations to for anything, if they go too wide and alarmist, they get people to understand how *all* their online activity is tracked and packaged as advertising data and get everyone installing adblocks and Ghostery onto their browsers and kill their cash cows.
i'd love to get some numbers from the publishers of non-big 2 comics on how many of their stories have a female protagonist. it feels like they are extremely overrepresented, even focusing just on action, sci fi, dark fantasy series that aren't particularly feminine.  a good story is a good story regardless of the sex of the main character's sex, but certain character traits are going to be much more believable for certain sexes and the protagonist's gender does have an effect on how i pick new series to read when i don't know anything about them other than a 100 word blurb.
i looked up a video of the amazon alexa laugh and got something way better i knew there was a reason i dont block youtube ads

jewtube woman shit

that like to dislike ratio warms my heart

A Federal MP has warned there could be food shortages in South Africa if white farmers are allowed to migrate en-masse to Australia.

The Government is considering options to help white South African farmers resettle in Australia, following reports of increased violence towards them.

Nationals MP Andrew Broad, who used to be president of the Victorian Farmers' Federation and traveled to South Africa several years ago, said white farmers were essential to South Africa's economy.

The tone of this article is pretty interesting. It flat out says that white farmers means food on the table and black farmers means food shortages and possible famine. I would not have expected such real talk from msn.com to be honest.
Goon Acres / Re: The Wow Thread
« Last post by Virtue Signalman First Class on Today at 03:02:21 AM »

Sydney University's debating club proclaims that HALF of its tournament competitors must be transgender males or females

    The University of Sydney Union debating club has new rules on their members
    At least half of the debaters across the teams must be non-cis male
    A cis-gender person identifies as the sex they were assigned to at birth   
    A quarter of debaters must also be a minority marginalised by white supremacy

what the fuck
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