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Its absolutely disgusting to see bugmen and cuckservatives like Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson writing up apologetics for Hollywood sex perverts.


And yet, the entire #NeverTrump #MuhDecorum brigade was more than giddy to inflict the curse of Hilldawg upon the world. It's no coincidence they're also very giddy with being apologists for Pedowood as the likes of James Gunn, Michael Ian Black, Dan Harmon etc. are tumbling down like domino pieces.
The exodus of whites from the Democrat party now has a term: #walkaway


Started by a gay New York hairdresser, it's a social media campaign where people (mostly white ofc) talk about how they can't even with liberalism anymore.  Has just under 90,000 followers as of today.

He has a gofundme up which is surprisingly not shoah'd yet: https://www.gofundme.com/walkaway-campaign-startup-costs

I don't give a shit about this baste faggot because I'm sure he has done all kinds of degenerate shit, being a faggot and all.  However I am always in favor of white Democrats realizing just how fucked it is to be proud members of a political party that is actively trying to run them off.  As long as this fag doesn't pull any Milo-esque shenanigans, it could turn into something formidable if managed the right way.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Pjs7uoOkag" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Pjs7uoOkag</a>

The usual blue check soys are working overtime to conflate #WalkAway with their Russophobia. Speaking of which, blatant propaganda is evidently okay with them if it comes from a Pizza Media outlet.

The Dem party deserves nothing short of destruction if they keep insisting on adopting Twitter-style contrived agitprop as their main agenda.

Worcester acid attack: Three-year-old boy seriously injured after he's 'deliberately targeted' in Home Bargains

Two pictures that sum up modern UK.

The attackers:

The police:

What part of a football is black?

Oh shit you really got me now. That totally changes everything.

Supergirl is set to become the first live-action television series to include a transgender superhero.

Nicole Maines, a transgender actor and activist, will join the upcoming fourth season of the Warner Brothers drama as Nia Nal, who becomes known as Dreamer.

The character is described as a “soulful young transgender woman” with a “fierce drive to protect others”.

Can't wait.
They called him an agent of Russia, Putin's puppet, and a literal traitor.


His approval rating ticked up in the NBC poll. It's holding steady in the 538 average.

“When you look at tracking, Russia doesn’t register on the radar for what people care about,” McLaughlin said.  “It is literally not even close to the top 15 issue.”

Nimble navigator, indeed.
This is Fay Steadman (on the right)


That smug fucking grin. The kind of grin that can only come across the face of a Jew subverting justice and righteousness.

I never thought I would lack sympathy for a helpless woman essentially robbed and murdered in front of her children, but what a fucking repugnant coal-burning, muff-eating Berkeley moonbat Jew bitch.

At no point in her tirade does she ever express remorse for the innocent lives she destroyed by defending George Jackson (so that he could later kill 5 white men in prison) or anyone else that she and her kike cunt friends helped escape justice (like Norman Mailer, who helped Jake Abbot get paroled so he could rob and murder a waiter).
Every single sentence is sapped in her own self-obsession from her self-flagellating Jewish privilege to  "HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEEE" once she actually gets a taste of the injustice she helped perpetuate onto others.
How she, a participant in the Justice system, casually called all police "pigs" until she needed one to help save her life and protect her family.
The worst part of all, is that to the very end she honestly thought that she was "good".
Had she not taken a bullet to a spine (which may not have even happened if she had enough sense NOT to open her door to random niggers in the middle of the fucking night), she would still be infecting the justice system TODAY.

I'm probably not anywhere as misogynistic, anti-semitic, or homophobic as a I should be as a poster on this forum, but FUCK if this jew dyke cunt didn't get what she deserved.

We may have to make a contest thread before the 2020 election where we do an over/under on number of suicides and try to predict the exact total The Price Is Right style.
Also a pool on number of ill-conceived assassination attempts.
This is why crime is not fashionable in poor white communities in the same way it is for poor black communities.
Knocking over convenience stores isn't as fashionable, but let's not kid ourselves here about whether there's plenty of crime in poor white communities.
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