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seriously like most of our problems could be solved by just shutting off the gibs
Jews aren't white. Semetic (not European) and non-christian = not white.
Lastly but not least, the strain of PC faggotry has always existed as far as Punk music and it's offshoots art concerned but it wasn't until over a decade ago when it unfortunately began to sway the public opinion to some extent, no thanks to Green Day and other like-minded scam artists willfully letting themselves get co-opted by Pizza Media for the sake of extending the Anti-Dubya bandwagon hysteria.

When I think of all the little things that sent me on my merry way down the dark path to being a shitlord, I remember when the American Idiot album came out. At the time I was basically a Libertarian Republican trying to play the nice "hey man, just leave me alone" game, and then I heard that fucking song Holiday and my eyes just about rolled out of my Goddamn skull at the lyric "Sieg Heil to the President Gasman" halfway through it.

((Radio)) drove that shitty album into the ground to the point where even me as a shitlib reflexively changed the station whenever one of the singles came on.  I'm sure they will be pinching something out about Drumpf if they haven't already.
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That's Mandy?  Shit, I thought that was Wow. 

Sorry I called you a freak, Mandy.  Fucking name changes and myspace angles threw me off.
Redo the whole welfare system where people need to work and essentially fend for themselves and essentially become invested in society.

That way people start to value things, 70% of black children are born under welfare it's no surprise at the crime statistics because they're mirroring how people act in a socialist system.
There is a middle ground between "White Nationalist" and "Open Borders."

Not anymore unfortunately.

I don't believe there is such a thing as a "white nationalism", there's just "nationalism" which is sometimes exhibited by "white" cultures.

Which is why the best route is to use propaganda to spread the idea of American Nationalism to blacks, hispanics, and others who are assimilated. Right now, the left owns minorities. They claim all minorities as their own, and trick them into thinking "if you aren't liberal, if you don't side with us and agree with all our causes, you are betraying your own people." But there are a lot of non-whites who are multigenerational American and very much assimilated. It's the leftists who try to drive that wedge and tell them "no, if you support American Nationalism you are supporting White Supremacy because they are one and the same."

It's not. Don't give the left that power.

I've asked this question to many civnats and I have yet to receive anything even remotely resembling a coherent response:

"How do you get minorities to care about American values or right wing ideas?  What is the method we need to use in order to turn these people into Thomas Sowell rather than Jessie Jackson? 

I have never received an answer to this question because literally no one knows.  Converting 80% of minorities to Republicans is not merely a difficult task, it is an impossible one.  The difference between us white nationalists and you Civic nationalists is that we are willing to admit that it can't be done whereas you all will simply wordsmith your way into delusion without ever offering a solution.  You'll post about based niggers or based spice or based gooks without explaining how we reach these people and how we get them to give a damn about a culture built for and by whites.  You'll go on about assimilation and never talk about the methods needed to convince these people that Western cultural heritage is important to them despite them having zero reasons to care and zero ties to the culture.  You'll talk about Western ideas and such yet you never give a reason as to how we get them to care about Western ideas over their origin country's ideas.  What makes our culture superior to theirs and why would they give a shit about preserving ours when their entire familial history and cultural heritage lies in a total foreign culture.

I know you can't answer these questions because there are no valid answers.  I have zero idea how you do this and neither does any other white nationalist.  We are all Alt Right because the only real solution is keeping them out and getting them to leave.

Quoting this because Dog-o has yet to respond to it.
Since I was quoted in your post: please show where I ever expressed my fondness or approval of Mr. Anglin or his publication.

I never said you did; your response was the "THIS IS ALL #FAKE NEWS PIZZA LYING KIKE MEDIA LIES " version.

Actually using the Atlantic as a source for anything.  Come on man, you know virtually every single media source is literally full to the brim of cultural marxism and leftists that are willing to lie, cheat, and steal their way to victory yet somehow this one article because it "conforms" to your biases is correct?  Do you not remember the myriad of other Atlantic articles that have been proven to be bullshit liberal propaganda garbage?  What exactly would make you think they would change their tune when writing an article on a subject they especially hate?  Are you really this gullible? 
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