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This particular cancer is a death sentence and it's not a pleasant way to go so my sympathies to his family and friends/cronies. I hope he retires like yesterday and makes peace with his maker and family and the ex wife he wronged so horribly many years ago and also the planes he crashed and the people he killed thru sheer incompetence.

According to the FNN documentary he's a sociopath who can turn the. Harm on at will so you got bamboozeled. He is a murder man
Roman Polanski is a talented filmmaker but he still raped a 13 year old

I wouldn't piss on O.J. if he was on fire
I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but I met OJ in a Buffalo Wild Wings like a couple years before he got locked up.

He's a really nice guy and very friendly/approachable. I got a pic with him and everything.

Naturally every woman in the family was outraged by the pic but fuckin whatever, dudes cool
59 points for Chester Bennington of linkin park who hung himself today, the would be birthday of his secret gay lover, Chris Cornell who hanged himself in may

lol Fred Durst is down one more piece of asspussy lol
Next year I'm gonna pick more singers.

Next year we pick John McCain
I'd rather that turnip waste American air than you continue to rob your fellow 3rd world denizens of precious time and whatever breathable air there is.
the real reason he killed himself is because he turned 41 and thus could no longer ever join the cast of thirtysomething, a show everyone around him was afraid to tell him had been cancelled for over two decades, as he would contentedly watch episodes on DVD that he thought were on live TV being piped in by a DVD player operated by an illegal mexican maid living in the closet behind his television set

but good luck getting cnn fake news to tell you the truth about that :colbert:
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Muay Thaixicity
Next year I'm gonna pick more singers.
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