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I like how Rockstar handles diversity. In GTA 4 you can find and shoot orthodox jews, nigs, all kinda people. GTA V accurately recreates ghettos in LA complete with illegally armed nignogs you can mow down in your SUV.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLKnrgztpkk" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLKnrgztpkk</a>

Red Dead 2 is supposed to have a boatload of feather indians running around you can shoot or drag behind your horse.

Somebody should make a more diverse war game or two. Just nothing but campaign levels where you man a machine gun nest as a Brit and mow down hundreds of retarded nogs trying to rush you down with spears, or Conquistadors blowing away the proudest South American warriors with thunder sticks.

History and its damn reality based biases.
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sadwoman1983 is Fire

Just another beautiful young woman (med student) raped and murdered by a migrant in Germany in a small town full of "refugees welcome" signs.


Nothing particularly unusual, just part and parcel of diversity, move along folks.

Edit: Parents of murdered woman ask for donations to migrant charities.


Wait, the first article is new but this happened in October. This is literally such a frequent occurrence I can't tell what are reposts or not.
You mean a war fought predominantly by white men has white men as the protagonists?   :stare:

Find some old newreel/documentary footage of the troops at Okinawa or Normandy and see how much "diversity" there is.

There was TONS of diversity. Some white guys were tall, some were rather short. Some had dark hair, some did not. There were even some redheads, if you can imagine!
I'm sure he thinks those glasses are stylish tho  :geithner:
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^ dank username
I grew up in the 80s and early 90s in the heyday of ESPN and especially SportsCenter. Back then, before in the internet, you'd turn to ESPN for all of your sports news, and it delivered.

Around the late 90s and into the early aughts, they started doing more and more "talking head" things and less highlights. They still had their highlights, but the channel went from two main talking head shows (Roy Firestone's show and The Sports Reporters) to basically everything trying to be Pardon The Interruption. From then, it was a downward spiral, where anchors started trying to be the show. Heck, they even had a reality show where people competed to be an anchor.

I turned on ESPN when they started charging for content on their website. I would never EVER go to ESPN for anything because you'd be reading an article and halfway through, it would say "Subscribe to Insider to continue reading." Like, seriously?

I thought ESPN Classic was going to be an amazing channel. I love old sporting events, and I was excited to imagine watching them. ESPN Classic worked for, like, a year, and then they started showing nothing but World Series of Poker on it, which makes zero sense. I understand that there are other forms of sports out there, like bowling and World's Strongest Man competitions, but those are actual sporting activity, whereas poker is lonely, spiggy nerds with sunglasses and hoodies sit around a table and play with fake money.

They then went full-fledged Tebow and it was the end. I'm not sure if they were doing it to mock him because "HAHA Hey! Christian guy who isn't very good at football!" But at one point, they devoted most of the day to Tebow's birthday. Like, seriously?

Also, pushing soccer down the throats of American viewers probably wasn't the best idea, either. This is America, we're not fags, we don't give a shit about European soccer. The only Americans who give a fuck about European soccer are the same Americans who call it "futbol" and who think that since they've traveled to Europe, that "you Americans" are low class.

Now, ESPN is Stephen A. Smith arguing with some white dude about what color the sky is, and interviews with celebrities about their upcoming project, and oh, just to make it about sports a little bit, do you wear a hat sometimes? Like, they've become less about sports and all about entertainment.

I would imagine within 10 years, ESPN will be undergoing the same mockery MTV gets now, which will be "Remember when ESPN actually had sports?"

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am i the only poster who's actually posted a name a new user used this year?
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shit noodle
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