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Melania doesn't understand that a true liberated woman in America is working low skill white collar jobs, living with roommates well into her 30s, and hopping on random dicks on Bumble until she starts requiring more and more meds just to keep it together.  I hope she can escape Drumpf's abusive grasp one day to know the pleasures of creating PowerPoints for HR and dealing with her ~free spirit~ roommate who is always getting tattoos but can never come up with this month's rent.
Seeing people try to make out like Melania is either abused or getting a raw deal is farcical.  She's an ex-model married to a billionaire president.  She's winning more than they possibly ever could be.

All the women trying to suggest she's being taken advantage of or want to escape are failures next to her, trying to prop up their own social status by tearing her down.
SCAC: Serious Conversations About Cuphead / Re: The Official President Trump YUGE Thread.
« Last post by Aran on February 17, 2018, 07:09:11 AM »
I doubt Melania gives half a tug if he's banging other women, she knows what side the bread is buttered on.
Boats are a great investment if your main goal is to get massive amounts of pussy though.

Not true. Other dudes like boats way more than bitches do. Of the hundreds of hours I logged on my boat in high school I'd say maybe, MAYBE, 3 of those had anyone but another dude with me (Excepting when it was family like my cousins out on the boat with me, etc.) because girls just weren't interested in going out on the lake. But tell a couple guys hey I have a boat, a tube, and a rope, and suddenly boat is full of dudes.

Also I ordered that kayak last night on a whim, it'll be here March 5th. Gotta get the crossbars and mount ordered for the Jeep before then
So what's the solution there? Taking away guns for everyone diagnosed with depression? Obviously not. Can't really rely on anecdotes about someone being a weirdo. So you take a doctor who has seen someone and says "yep this person does not need to have guns." Are we really going to rely on the word of a single doctor? A commission of doctors? Who is to say they don't have a political slant against guns? In all likelihood,  they're going to be overzealous in the application of such things. This is evident in say, domestic violence cases. The worst case scenario of an unhinged psycho wailing on his wife is applied to all cases as an assumption. Beyond that, there is already a system with probate courts that will adjudicate a person as dangerous and unable to own guns. If we are going to loosen that system and give it up to doctor opinions then we're going to have a lot more people with rights taken away unjustly.

You need a regular psychiatric evaluation in my country for a gun permit. I haven't heard of any cases where it's been abused, maybe some shit is going on behind the scenes but generally it's been accepted on both sides that the system works well.
Danes are the best scandinavians. A friend of mine who moved to sweden and has become increasingly a cuck and handwrings about the Finnish nationalists just recently told me Danes are horrible racists and snidely remarked I'd fit right in with them. I told him they're a little soft but okay which ended the conversation.
Goon Acres / Re: The Feminism Thread
« Last post by As a white male I on February 17, 2018, 02:50:55 AM »
She looks like she didn't just hit the wall, the wall hit her repeatedly.
Boats are a great investment if your main goal is to get massive amounts of pussy though.

Ah, I see there is another man of class here familiar with the implication

 <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yUafzOXHPE" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yUafzOXHPE</a>
Ok I'll bite.

Is it being marched to the gas chambers?
Well when all of white EU is bending over as far backwards as possible to throw free money and housing at you, why the fuck would you not milk the teat dry?    They're fucking stupid for offering, the browns are probably in just as much disbelief as we are.  I'd probably beat up some Swede cucks just to rub it in too if they were giving me everything for free and still thinking they are evil just for being white.
But all of the EU is NOT throwing money at refugees. Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania...none of them want or give the fugees anything.

denmark has done the best job of the bitch nations. they cut benefits in half then took out ads in turkey telling refugees about it... and this was before the crisis.  possibly the danish cartoon crisis partially inoculated them.  switzerland has also put in place higher barriers to become a citizen, iirc a refugee needs to have paid more in tax than they receive in benefits for three years in a row.  switzerland has always been kind of detached from its larger cuck neighbours, though.
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