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Title: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: Justice Dredd on August 10, 2012, 03:11:39 PM

Quote from: BrokenKnucklez
Well the thread title says it all. Actually I find that I am a reasonably well adjusted 29 year old normal guy. I enjoy watching a few sports games on TV, I like concerts, I am doing some charity work on the side, full time job, I have a nice place, a car and every thing else that is associated with being an adult.

But I enjoy watching cartoons occasionally. Yes, I like King of the Hill, Family Guy, The Venture Brothers, and a few others. Some times when my nieces and nephews come over we watch Sponge Bob and The Adventures of Gumball. I find them funny.

I had a girl tell me that I was very emotionally immature for enjoying the shows, because she came over while I was watching my two nephews, we were sitting on the couch watching Sponge Bob and we were laughing hard.

But this could be more of a debate than anything. What do you think of adults watching cartoons? With all the crap on TV lately, it is about the only thing worth watching on TV.

normal adult response: who gives a shit, move on with life.

goon response: sever, she's a moron, she's a piece of shit, ugh how vapid, comparison to polarizing subject, use of "i bet she xyz", etc.

Quote from: Defiant Sally
This woman sounds like an idiot. Ask her what kind of shows she likes.
Quote from: Lt. Chips
She is an idiot. Unless it was a 16 year old girl going through a "everything mildly associated with children is stupid" phase. Then still an idiot, only a mild one.
Quote from: BrokenKnucklez
I know that she is an idiot. I just was a thought that crossed my mind, I am waiting to head to work. I figured it would just be a good topic for discussion, particularly emotional immaturity levels.

For reference, she is 35, and I am 29. Yes, I like older women.
Quote from: Queej
Fuck that. Just because you get older doesn't mean that silly, goofy things stop being funny.

I am a 34 year old woman. I have a master's degree and I make a good living. I am engaged. And I watch Adventure Time and Regular Show (sometimes Gumball too!)

I know many other adults older than I am that watch cartoons.

If a girl thinks you are immature for watching and laughing at cartoons with your nephews, then she has something wrong with her. Does she not have a sense of humor? Is she trying so hard to be grown that she is boring? A guy being the cool uncle and watching cartoons with the kids is great. Who cares if you enjoy it?*

*that is, as long as you aren't having fantasies about being a pony.
Quote from: Shadowlz
Fuck her. She probably watches Teen Wolf and True Blood exclusivly. Can't believe she would even say that because you were watching cartoons with your nephews. The first thing that would come into my head is that it seems like you would make a good father. Not "Wow how immature watching cartoons with kids.". Also adult targeted cartoons like Family Guy are perfectly fine TV shows.

yeah that vapid slut probably watches stuff like TWILIGHT. I bet she watches that and glimore girls nonstop, fucking idiot.

Quote from: Necron vs World
If you were 22 and just finishing college or something it'd be different, but you are 29 and I can't say if I was a 29 year old woman my potential boyfriend still watching king of the hill would probably be a turn off.

Quote from: Senior Woodchuck
She's dumb, cartoons are for everyone. Heck, I remember one afternoon when my dad was off work, he watched cartoons with me. I didn't think he was immature, I thought he was cool.

Also, what the hell else are you supposed to do when you're watching little kids? Read them Proust?
Quote from: Oral Slither
Tell her to fuck off. Cartoons are cool.
Quote from: Benitocereno
I enjoy a good beer and an episode of Adventure Time. If that makes me wrong I don't want to be right.

But if you insist on being a real man, I guess you can watch "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" marathons.
Quote from: ohnoitschris
So, yeah, she's a pointlessly judgmental piece of shit. Plain and simple. I'd pity any man who'd ever date her.
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Post by: DougEPhresh on August 10, 2012, 04:18:14 PM
They sure love those cartoons!

Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: Justice Dredd on August 10, 2012, 04:46:55 PM
Quote from: Orange Lazarus
I was the same way with Calvin and Hobbes; I remember being an ignorant dumb kid until I found a copy of a C&H book that had been thrown in my closet. Calvin and Hobbes is significantly different from Spongebob though, if the kid doesn't get the joke it's probably because he doesn't even realize it's there and forgets about it. With a comic strip the reader knows it's trying to make a point. So when I didn't get the joke I would often carry the book to my parents and have them try and explain it to me. TLDR: C&H requires focus, whereas Spongebob does not.

i was an ignorant dumb kid until i read a comic strip about a child and his imaginary friend, now i post on the smartest forums on the internet!
Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: Justice Dredd on August 11, 2012, 12:01:48 AM
goons, still incapable of saying oh well someone thinks something I do is dumb and moving on with their life, come out the woodwork to attack the vapid cuntsicle Necron vs World

Quote from: Billy Idle
What the hell is wrong with you? Please list for me which television-watching habits turn you on the most. It's Chuck Lorre that gets you all hot and bothered, isn't it? Hmmmm?

Quote from: Necron vs World
All of TV is pretty mind melting, but it's a personal preference. I was just saying I can sympathize with the woman. I don't think she's some frigid humorless ice-queen or whatever the group think is towards her. She's probably looking to start a family and the fact that this dude still watches shows that were around when he was in his early teens would be a giant red-flag for me. It doesn't really matter if King of The Hill is intended for adults, it was in production when I was about 10-11 years old. Can all of those jokes still be funny on what's surely the umpteenth viewing? I'd hope that my partner would of at least matured to have a different sense of humor by this point.

Most of you guys are focusing on the watching cartoons with his newphews aspect, so that this woman can be a stupid heartless cunt or w/e. But he also explained he loves to watch adult cartoons from the early 2000's in his free time. So it's obviously a part of his life still and not just something he does to bond with younger relatives.

and of course the reasonable response drives goons into a fury

i am tim is laying out the logic trap to show necron vs world that her personal opinon on an adult watching cartoons is objectively wrong
Quote from: i am tim
So your argument is that its old, so they should have grown past it by now? I wasn't aware that people are obligated to stop liking things after so many years. What's the cut off point? Does this apply only to humorous cartoons, or should we be reminding people that liking Seinfeld or the Big Lebowski is a really immature thing to do. I mean, that stuff was out when I was 12.

EDIT: If it seems like I'm being snide with my comment, it's becuase I am. Not everybody grows out of the kind of humor they used to like, in fact I'd say many people don't. The idea that this is a sign of immaturity is more than a little ridiculous, and I honestly hope you don't give your partners any crap becuase they like some of the same stuff they found funny when they were a kid.

Quote from: i am tim
Quote from: Necron vs World
Yeah, I have the same view about people that still watch the Big Lebowski religiously. I don't treat any of my partners poorly for watching adult cartoons from my childhood because I don't date those types of people.
I'm going to bold this because it wasn't a factor before. Who said anything about watching this stuff religiously? By your own words, he said he liked watching it in his free time. That's a far cry from anything I'd call "religiously," and far from abnormal.

We're not talking about somebody with a 80's Transformers themed bedroom here, we're talking about somebody that likes to watch a show now and again that he used to watch when he was younger.

Quote from: Martello
Thus is how I picture you and YOUR BOYFRIEND:

BF: "Hey honey, remember how much we loved Old School when we saw it in the theater on our first date?"

NvW: "Yeah, it was hilarious!"

BF: "Well guess what, I got it on Blu-Ray so we can watch it tonight!"

NvW: "What? That movie is nine years old! It came out when we were like, 20! You're so immature for still finding it funny. I'm breaking up with you, get out."

BF: "Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with you? Anyway, this is my apartment, so maybe you should get out."

Quote from: Necron vs World
It's obviously a pretty big deal for him, he watches it with his nephews and nieces, he watches it when he's alone, and he expects anyone that comes into his life to watch it too. But you can pick apart whatever I said to make you feel justified in liking cartoons. I have no intentions of ever dating you so it really shouldn't ruin your day regarding what I think.

Quote from: Senior Woodchuck
Quick question, Necron: Ten years ago I saw a production of Twelfth Night. Am I immature for still finding that play funny?

no senior woodchuck, you're immature because you're a grown-ass man that reads spider-man comic books and whines on his blog about how your cartoon man doesn't line up with your expectations.

of course more goon hyperbole, because necron vs world definitely would apply her knowingly general statement to shakespeare

Quote from: PopeMobile
Someone should tell Shakespeare to pack it up. Shit's old, man. A Midsummer Night's Dream ain't funny and hasn't been for hundreds of years. And Titus? please. It's been done.

Quote from: Senior Woodchuck
Quote from: Telemaze
I'm pretty sure it's always been normal for adults to watch cartoons, even way back in the days of Felix the Cat and Betty Boop and shit.
It was certainly normal when adults watched them in movie theaters right before the feature.

I think it was with TV that "cartoons are only for kids" started. Because, well, most of the cartoons on TV *were* only for kids (about the only one I can think of that was targeted at adult audiences as well was The Flintstones, which was basically The Honeymooners in caveman drag). And since making cartoons for TV was cheaper, studios stopped doing theatrical shorts, and pretty soon the only company making cartoons for the cinemas at all was Disney. And then Disney started the first of its intermittent downward slides, to the point where only kids could enjoy what they were putting out, and by then, the impression was cemented in the American mindset. You had stuff like Yellow Submarine and Fritz the Cat every once in a while, but I don't think America ever seriously questioned the assumption until The Simpsons came along.

8888888 goons butthurt about someone not taking their animated arts seriously
Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: Spokker on August 11, 2012, 04:19:30 AM
normal adult response: who gives a shit, move on with life.
This is what was done before Internet forums became a tool in which to shield yourself from any criticism. They are treated now as bubbles where political and social opinions are tightly controlled. In the past, you had to learn to deal with criticism and move on. Today, these people are so shielded from direct criticism, that they flip out even when hearing about another person being criticized.

Many forums look for members who fit into a desired ideology. This is the reason NeoGAF, for example, is so pozzed. They ban people who step back and suggest, hey, maybe the video game industry isn't so sexist/racist/homophobic and perhaps people should just stop being so sensitive and politically correct. My own ban reason, after talking about how shitty political correctness is, was, "We don't think you fit in here."

Here's an excellent example of not being able to deal with perceived hostility.

I am not going to call him things or anything, it's just very annoying as he managed to make 3 very close personal attacks in a single message. All false, of course, but at the current moment things are not the easiest and such ignorance really shocks me sometimes. I am certain this will go away in a couple of days but as I said before, it's unbelievable to come in contact with such people. I want to prove to myself the guy isn't what he portrays himself as being. And he roams around CAG, which was a safe haven in my mind.
They just want these forums, public as they are, to be safe havens.

Google, Bing, whatever all basically work this way ( now.
Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: furly_ghost on August 11, 2012, 12:22:40 PM
i dont think its abnormal for adults to like cartoons like king of the hill, Simpsons, family guy, ect, but if you are 'laughing hard' at sponge bob your probably a fag
Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: Rocket on August 11, 2012, 12:30:00 PM
Agreed. I watch Spongebob with my daughter and it's not mind-numbing because they actually throw in some content for the adults watching with their kids. But I've probably not laughed much at it. Of course, I'm usually only halfway paying attention because I'm doing something else at the time.
Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: Justice Dredd on August 11, 2012, 01:58:22 PM
i dont think its abnormal for adults to like cartoons like king of the hill, Simpsons, family guy, ect, but if you are 'laughing hard' at sponge bob your probably a fag

Yeah I don't think it's unusual either. The goon part tho is the overreaction to someone else's opinion and their efforts to stamp it out or turn the person into ugh vapid woman who watches the kardashians and loves twilight, i bet she's a complete and total ice queen and judgemental bitch. probably voted for mccain in '08 too.
Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: internet culture on August 11, 2012, 03:08:11 PM
Suddenly remembered a TNE thread where Hangly started posting about Milt Kahl's input in old Disney films, linking individual scenes and pointing out how great the weight and timing are. Didn't expect to see that.
Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: wimpb on August 11, 2012, 07:48:33 PM
This feels appropriate:
Title: Re: E/N Bullshit > Adults watching cartoons
Post by: Spokker on August 11, 2012, 10:24:49 PM
Ugh, Mike Judge is such a judgmental piece of shit!