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Free MPC Knockoff Forum / Re: The Official President Trump YUGE Thread.
« Last post by J Dog on Today at 07:17:53 AM »
Fence-sitter Tim Pool getting more red pilled every day.

Invalid Tweet ID

Turns out you can't fake a vagina after all. All the money in the world can't buy you the proper PH levels.

To be a little pedantic, you can’t replicate the normal yeast colonies present in real life lady parts. The bacterial colonies you get in a neo-vagina are consistent with an inverted skin flap in a damp environment.

Basically  :mcpuke:
Basically gang green
The dumber leftists are doubling down and the smarter leftists are trying to memoryhole the event.  A list of blue checkmarks are being compiled of those who harassed the kids and of course now it’s a hate list.  I’m sure some Jewish lawyers are going to try to get any lawsuit dismissed but I hope they keep pursuing it because the left wanted to ruin these kids’ lives.  It was a very redpilling event; the public needs to be aware of anti-white shenanigans as much as possible.
Free MPC Knockoff Forum / Re: Decline of the UK megathread
« Last post by Triggered by Pepe on Today at 04:58:32 AM »
I'm sure things are fine in the UK


For the first time in recorded history, more than half of British women over the age of 16 are unmarried.

As marriage continues to decline in popularity, increasing numbers of men and women in their twenties and thirties are choosing to live alone, according to Government figures released yesterday.

Many of the unmarried women are single mothers, with more than a quarter of families now led by a single parent.
It's happening in Israel too. Many there are also complaining about the thots and their mutt children.

Yup, every time I see a UK woman talking about how she can't find the right guy, its usually because she's a fat insufferable cunt who's only happiness is in cake.

Oh, someone asked how we put up with shit like the trials? We mostly just don't hear about it. If we do anyone going "shit, that's a bit concerning" gets drowned out by people going "SO UR A RACIST ARE YA, BECAUSE THE NEWS SAY'S THAT GUYS A RACIST".
Goon Acres / Re: The Feminism Thread
« Last post by Virtue Signalman First Class on Today at 04:46:42 AM »

Sarah clearly remembers the moment she lost the love of her life to the “Red Pill.”

She was sitting inside a dark closet next to the bedroom where she and her partner had slept for close to four years, as he shouted at her through the wall. “You don’t listen to me!” he screamed at her. “You’ve never listened to me!” The closet was a place to be alone, to think, to figure out how to bring back the man she’d once fallen in love with.

“Our relationship started normally: We went for walks, saw films, went out for dinner. Most of the ‘arguments’ we’d have would be where to go out on a date. When I moved in with him after graduation, the arguments were about who would do the washing up or the cooking that night,” she says. By the end of their relationship in September, though, she found herself having to not only try to get Craig to do his share of the laundry, but to justify why people should be allowed to speak languages other than English in public, why removing taxes for tampons isn’t unfair, and more bizarrely, why being a feminist isn’t the same as being a Nazi.

“Nearly all the arguments came from YouTube videos he was watching,” Sarah tells me. “Because he’d work at night, he’d spend the day on the internet. He’d be watching them, and send them to me throughout the day on WhatsApp, over email, anywhere really.” During one work meeting in 2016, she received videos from him about a “migrant invasion into Britain, orchestrated by Angela Merkel and Barack Obama,” which showed Libyan refugees getting off a boat carrying large bags and shouting, “Thank you, Merkel!” played over dark orchestral music. Other videos supported Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants, diatribes on feminism “threatening traditional families” and “scientific evidence” suggesting that white people have higher IQs than black and South Asian people.

Free MPC Knockoff Forum / Re: Celebrity Deadpool 2019
« Last post by Doctor Jizzmopper on Today at 04:39:19 AM »
‘Pistol’ Pete Sohren, 54
Goon Acres / Re: D&D Funny Quotes Thread
« Last post by Ossipago on Today at 04:20:57 AM »
KM has a shameful fucking lawn. I thought niggers are supposed to be good at growing crops and shit.

Please god no not another discussion of patchy lawns on SS.

I dunno I get a certain kick out of the idea of a conservative-leaning board having discussions about a topic Hank Hill would take very seriously.  It's extremely appropriate.  The reality probably doesn't live up to the idea though.

Reportedly the parents are lawyering up and the journos are going to be fucked *hard*. They doxxed and threatened minors with violence, who as the correct video evidence shows didn't do anything wrong. That's why the mainstream media has been frantically trying to "correct the record" on this fiasco for the past 24 hours.
Goon Acres / Re: The Feminism Thread
« Last post by Obese-n-Triggered on January 21, 2019, 11:28:49 PM »

Rexha, who wears a size 6-8, defended herself, and all women who wear a size 8 and up, in the second half of her video. “You’re saying all the women in the world that are a size 8 and up are not beautiful and that they cannot wear your dresses. So to all the people who said I’m thick and I can’t wear your dress, f—k you, I don’t want to wear your f—g dresses.”

I bet those dumb old grapes were sour anyway.
Boomer Rocket a closeted Bill Clinton apologist what a surprise


Denying that Bill Clinton was an extraordinarily talented politician is stupid.

In a rigged game fuck yeah.
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