Author Topic: "Poor" Goons and their steam accounts.  (Read 6697 times)


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Re: "Poor" Goons and their steam accounts.
« Reply #50 on: July 29, 2013, 02:11:53 PM »
edit:  oops, missed a whole page somehow and most of this was already posted. 

It's not that anyone cares how much these dorks play vidya games, it's that their intense playtime can be turned back around on them for sick burns.
Yeah several of them got really mad in that McDonald's threads when randyest even mentioned it, and he didn't even mention any names.  They knew who they were though and went ballistic on him for that:

Especially disconcerting to me are the several people in this thread who are aghast at the idea of working more than 40 hours a week and complain how tiough it is being poor yet they have 60+ hours a week logged playing games from their collection of hundreds of games on steam. Don't you guys know that shit is public info unless you set your profile to private?

big mean giraffe:
How dare poor people play video games? Should be getting another job to round out those free hours instead of complaining.

Modern Day Hercules
That is a stupid piece of shit thing to bring up and you know it. It has absolutely ZERO bearing on the arguments that any person in this thread has made. Whether forums posters WendigoJohnson et al. play a lot of video games has fucking nothing to do with anything. Are you trying to imply that the only thing poors in general need to do is stop spending so much time on recreational activities and work more? That's the only reason I could think of why you might bring this up.

How in the world is playing games somehow different from what every other depressed, impoverished person does to pass their miserable time? Your argument is moronic and so are you.

I agree, poor people should just find more elusive flexible jobs that will work around their current employer. Its really easy to bootstrap your way out of having the poor. Also there is no way they could be trying to improve their situarion and are just waiting for a break. They should spend all waking hours working.

a medical mystery:
Yeah! If you're poor, you don't deserve leisure! Get the fuck off that booze, stop going on those useless unproductive drives, and pull yourselves up by those cute little bootstraps!

What the fuck is wrong with you man?

Fucking poors doing anything but toiling at their shitty minimum wage jobs and staring at the ceiling in their hovels, man. Why aren't they getting those two magical jobs that have hours that perfectly line up and taking the bountiful opportunities to get a better life that modern America offers them? Personal anecdotes trump data, bootstraps motherfuckers!

I mean, what are you supposed to do with all the time not working? Online job applications don't really take up a whole 8-hour workday, face-to-face solicitations are downright discouraged for some companies and oftentimes don't amount to more than a manager handing you a paper form anyways, so then...? At least most computer games don't have a continual subscription fee, and help distract from the ongoing misery that is life. Better than staring at an unpainted blank wall in a hovel all day long.
You're a horrible person, randyest.

Third World Reggin posted:
This is you admitting you google search (steam search) peoples usernames (maybe everyone or who ever you disagreed with). This is creepy.

Don't we have a rule against goony internet detective shit?

Mods!  He embarrassed me and destroyed my false argument with real facts!  Ban him!

Just imagine the number of reports in the mod forum on that shit.  Amazing he didn't get dinged.
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Re: "Poor" Goons and their steam accounts.
« Reply #51 on: July 29, 2013, 03:29:20 PM »
This is hilarious.

Those goon tears about how they don't have money for shit yet they spend money and huge amounts of time on Steam.

I mean, I have a Steam account, I play games on Steam, but not anywhere near 40 hours a week.  I'd have to actually look at my Steam but I would bet that I don't spend more than 5 hours a week on Steam, usually.  Typically less than that.  I do have games I play off Steam, but then again I work 40 + hours a week and I'm not complaining how I don't have money.  I've been there when I didn't have money and I have had to change my living to fit with the amount of money I could bring in at the time. 

People can play all the video games they want.  but when they say they can't get a job and need more money yet they put enough time in to video games that equates to a job (or second job), that just tells me they aren't trying hard enough.