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The Trumpriarch:
From the "Should the government provide unconditional basic income for all citizens" thread.

--- Quote from: Orange_Lazarus" post="422213130 ---edit:
You know I wish D&D had a few designated Devil's Advocates who sole jobs were to just disagree with whatever the general consensus was.

--- End quote ---

You know what this forum needs? A few punching bags. Some white cismale bigot homotransphobes for every in to kick around and be mad at and then get probated/banned.

Mullah Omar:
Maybe if they stopped banning people from wrongthink they could have genuine debate. Instead of just that idiot Emden splashing out on unbanning to stormfront monkey it up.

Rrail you got banned because all the LF refugees migrated to D&D and anytime you made a post, the mods received at least 20 reports from it from all the cry baby LF faggots

Pizza Cancellation Specialist:

--- Quote from: Rrail on November 22, 2013, 02:43:30 PM ---They definitely had that and banned it, like 50x over. I've been banned in D&D simply for disagreeing with the group thought, even though it was a perfectly moderate point of view that I was espousing.

--- End quote ---

Early in the days of A&T, there was a thread called "Tell me why you voted/would still vote for Bush". The op said, plain as day, the thread was not for debate and was to be a safe haven for honest Bush voting goons to simply state their reasons, and move on.

The mod who was my leak back in original sasstimes told me that every single post there was reported a couple dozen times. It was literally objectively wrong to vote for Bush, for any reason whatsoever, and if you did you deserved to be banned.

And this was -before- it was as bad as it is now.


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