Author Topic: [SW]It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times: TNE remembrance thread  (Read 3179 times)

Eugene Bullard

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Quote from: motax
Well, gang, we're doing some hall time here: one door(TNE) has closed, and another(the new forum) has yet to open. Let's take advantage of this time to remember the forum that was: TNE.

I think I found TNE via a post on smyd. I was happy to find something a bit more like SASS than smyd. I recognized a lot of the posters. It was good times.

What led you to TNE? Were you a poster at SASS? Have you ever posted on SA? Do you remember where you were the day Nancy ragequit?

kosher nostra

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Too bad all those bon mots were lost, some of them wouldn't make sense but others are still hilarious. It was good until things went all haywire and hangly tried to reinvent stormfront. I love me some good real talk, but emptyquoting novellas written by Serbian priests and shit got old fast.


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Hangly was the only SASShole that didn't look back at the Wiscon debacle with any sort of pride. 


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Hangly has no pride or he wouldn't have torpedoed all that work. He's a lunatic.
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