Author Topic: Please Update Your Password to a Strong Password  (Read 1480 times)


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Please Update Your Password to a Strong Password
« on: June 25, 2014, 04:10:23 PM »
I have seen some strange activity logs regarding login attempts in the past few weeks where several of our more active poster's accounts have had multiple failed login attempts.  Some reattempts occurred in the sub-second level, so unless Michael J Fox is an anonymous celebrity poster here, it leads me to believe that there might by an old school brute force attempt going on.

Please update your password as soon as possible.  You will find that a couple more layers of security were added and  your password must now be strong (i.e. a combination of at least 8 letters, numbers, and special characters).

This request will not affect people who choose not to change their password, but I do strongly suggest it.  This will impact new registrations and people whose accounts are already locked.

If you forgot you registration email and need a temporary password, please send me a PM, and I will create a temporary password and send it back to you.  Try to stay logged into the site until the process is completed.  I will then wait for a response from you that you have the new temporary password written down and that I can proceed.  I will send a message saying cool, and do it immediately.  You may not be around for it so if you come back and cannot get onto the site, use the password you wrote down and permanently change your password with it.

Also you can let me know if you would rather update your email address instead.  Then we can forgo the whole process with temporary passwords.

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