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American Universities, Spreading the Poz one student at a time

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[SWOLE]Grode Jar:
This is going to be the thread where you can post all of the utterly retarded SJW and liberal shit that universities are now doing.  Academia is wasteland of poz, post anything you find here.  I'll start with a few:

--- Quote ---Following recent allegations of racism at the University of Missouri, Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announced Thursday that the university is developing diversity and inclusion training for all faculty, staff and students.

The new training programs will be required for all faculty and staff, and students wishing to enroll in classes.
The program will also inform students of organizations and resources on campus and emphasize the importance of being inclusive.

Students will be ineligible to enroll in classes without successfully completing this program.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Clemson University issued an apology to students on Thursday after what appears to be a small group of students were offended by an annual Mexican cuisine event put on by university dining services.

Clemson Dining's "Maximum Mexican" night, has become a student favorite over the last several years, and this year was no different, at first.

The university, however, took a different position. Dr. Doug Hallenbeck, Clemson University's Senior Associate Vice President of Student Affairs apologized for the event's "flattened cultural view of Mexican culture."

"It is the mission of University Housing & Dining to create supportive and challenging environments that enrich and nourish lives. We failed to live out our mission yesterday, and we sincerely apologize," Hallenbeck said.
--- End quote ---

blakks are not very cool:

tl;dr Frat and Sorority throw a Kanye West / Kim Kardashian themed party, complete with gold chains, goatee's and big butts. Campus SJW's storm Chancellors office to protest and get frat/sorority suspended. No actual evidence of "blackface".

--- Quote ---Chanting “Black Bruins matter,” UCLA students crammed into Chancellor Gene Block’s office Thursday, demanding a response after some students wore blackface to a Kanye West-themed fraternity party.

Holding signs reading, “Our culture is not a costume,” hundreds of students marched on campus days after the party sparked anger over its racial overtones.
Kelsee Thomas, a member of the black student union, said students confronted fraternity members at the party. One apologized, but laughed when he was asked to write a letter to the group, she said.

“Everyone keep in mind that simply because I go to one of the top ranked institutions in the country, doesn't mean I'm any farther away from ignorance and racism as anyone else. They just hide it behind frat/sorority themes, anonymous postings, and micro-aggressions,” she said on Facebook. “This isn't over though.”

--- End quote ---

Did the white student union have anything to say about this? kek

A rare LA Times non-pozzed comment:

--- Quote ----I am Italian and Toga parties offend me for mocking my heritage.
-I am Hawaiian and there was Hawaiian shirt party that was not representative of my heritage and I am offended.
-I am Irish and at St Patrick's Day and people dressed as Leprechauns offend me.
-I am from Mexico and it was May 5th during Cinco De Mayo and a person of not Hispanic decent wore a Sombrero and it offended me.
- I am Catholic and someone dressed as the Pope and it offended me.
- I believe I am a Zombie and Halloween costumes offend me.

Cultures whether they are historical or Pop are celebrated or mocked in many ways by every walk of life. Get over yourself as you do not get to chose what makes people laugh or not. There is such a thing as being too sensitive and politically correct. This is a perfect example.

--- End quote ---

I think I mentioned this before (or several times) but when I was going for my MBA, there was not a single example of a white male in any kind of authority figure in our course material unless it was a case study based on a real life event.  This was a Top 25 (used to be Top 30) MBA program.

The poz is wide and deep.  I'm hoping the student loan bubble burst will start culling a lot of the poz; academia is in a bubble (lol) that is completely and totally insulated from any type of real world consequences.  Sometimes this is good (ie, a researcher spending all day in a lab) but for the most part, it is bad.

[SWOLE]Grode Jar:
In engineering and the sciences white men still dominate.  Though there has been an influx of Asian men, but thankfully like the white men, these guys aren't remotely pozzed and are old school as hell. 

In other fields it's gotten worse, but it's so hard to poz up engineering that I don't know how it could be done but I'm sure they will try.

This shit has spread to even A&M now and my university gas been considered the most conservative state school in the country for decades now.  It's pissing off so many alumni too.  They are seriously going to run the risk of losing the entirety of the former student monetary base if they go too far, which would destroy the school.  I'm sure that's what liberals want though.  The last conservative bastion in a sea of poz dead and gone.

Dr. Hatchet-Wound:
Mexican night at Clemson U cafeteria is culturally insensitive or a microaggression or triggering or something suddenly

--- Quote ---Everything was going great. Students were loving the food and festivities. Except for two students, who took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the school's decision to host such a "#CUlturallyInsensitive" event.
--- End quote ---


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