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Gender Studies Barista:
lol a videogames journalist thinks he matters lol

Whig Historian:

--- Quote from: Gender Studies Barista on July 08, 2016, 06:40:19 PM ---lol a videogames journalist thinks he matters lol

--- End quote ---

He has a blue check by his name, and the other guy doesn't, so clearly he's superior to the guy who actually makes things.

Edit: Tekken guy's taste in im@s is trash-tier, though.

a torrent of piss:
Tekken is actually the most skilled 3d fighter series that's currently out. With Virtua Fighter being dead and everything the only other competition is dead or alive.

He-Man Magnum Opus:
heeeeeeeeeey dunno whats going on here but japan is gay and an island of perverts we shoulda finished the job, 2 nukes wasnt enough


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