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Dem Wypipo:
Just post random shit from the alt right that you find interesting that others would enjoy.

Latest episode of Fash the Nation has one of the hosts going HAM over Trump's potential pivoting of immigration.  I like Fash the Nation and seem fairly grounded in their political analysis.  Although they are unabashed white nationalists, they realize that most people aren't going to subscribe to 1488 gas the kikes type of white nationalism, and try to be reasoned in their analysis.

The Weekly Narrative is pretty good as well.  The Daily Shoah can be hit or miss for my tastes although it is considered the main TRS podcast.

Bill Wilkins:


post regret:

--- Quote from: Bill Wilkins on August 28, 2016, 06:51:47 PM ---:pepe:

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--- Quote from: souper poo pear on August 28, 2016, 06:55:28 PM ---Pepe

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smiling nazi frog meme


An interesting discussion on the Alt-Right from a retired doctor in his 70s.

--- Quote ---Trump is the candidate chiefly because of immigration, both illegal Hispanic and Muslim. The success of BREXIT is probably another example of the power of immigration as an issue to “Natural Conservatives” which are not the same as American “Cultural Conservatives,” which are mostly about religion, not culture.

--- Quote ---Natural liberals, who instinctively enjoy diversity and are happy with radical social change – so long as it’s in an egalitarian direction – are now represented by both sides of the political establishment. Natural conservatives, meanwhile, have been slowly abandoned by Republicans — and other conservative parties in other countries. Having lost faith in their former representatives, they now turn to new ones — Donald Trump and the alternative right.
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I am certainly not a member of the youth group that the authors say they represent but I am right with them in my sympathy.
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As an aside, you guys might enjoy his writings about the increasing corporatization of medicine, and also his stories of growing up on the South Side of Chicago when it was still primarily middle-class white. He also has some good pieces about the Trump preference cascade.


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