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Donkey's Hemorrhoids: Decline and Poz of the Democrat party

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You might think that, having just suffered a shellacking for the ages last November, the DNC would moderate its stance, sense the pulse of the American electorate, and move back to the center.  Just kidding! Not with the current brand of "progressive" slum lords and perpetually offended dindus and spics. With their ship floundering to the port side, they keep doubling down on the very poz that destroyed the party of Andrew Jackson, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy. Good going George Soros! Reap and sow your purchase!  :smug:

Former President Barry Soetoro Obama failed at transforming America, which is hardly surprising given his track record at being nothing more than an inept entitled manchild. However, he did succeeded at transforming the Democratic Party. For the past few months, we keep getting lectured by women in pink pussy, 'Wise Latina' troons in hijabs and redditor/tumblrina rejects in black masks about how normies should be coerced persuaded into adopt their meme strategy of “Resist!” and "He Will Not Divide Us!", because Trump keeps hurting the feefees of the Global Elite time and again.

Has the strategy been successful so far? Short Answer: No. Long answer: Dems are finally going to test it out in Georgia's 6th congressional district special election, which was previously held by Tom Price (R) before he got appointed to be the new head of HHS by Trump. Because they clearly learned nothing from Loony Bernie and Granny Hilldawg, Dems will piss away at least 8.3 million bucks from Sugar Daddy Soros grassroots organizations.

But enough of that for now, let's check the credentials of the Democrat front runner for the seat. Unsurprisingly, the I love cock more thanmediadoes is hyping his candidacy to death and also bragging about I love cock more thandemographic changesdoes in said district in recent years. Because this gaslighting strategy has surely worked out just fine since 2010 amirite.

--- Quote ---Born in Atlanta, Ossoff grew up in Northlake, an unincorporated community in Georgia's 6th congressional district.[7] Ossoff's mother Heather Fenton, an Australian immigrant,[1] co-founded NewPower PAC, an organization that works to elect women to local office across Georgia.[8][9] His father, who is of Russian Jewish and Lithuanian Jewish descent, owns a specialist publishing company.[1] Ossoff was raised Jewish, and had a bar mitzvah ceremony.[10] Ossoff was raised by his parents in the 6th District.[11] He currently lives with his girlfriend ten minutes south of the 6th District.[11]
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Ossoff attended the Paideia School, a small private school in Atlanta.[1] While in high school, he interned for Georgia congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis.[1]
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Ossoff worked as a national security staffer and aide to Rep. Hank Johnson for five years where he drafted and managed legislative initiatives that passed the House and Senate.[7][14] He had top-secret clearance for five months.[15]
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Since 2013, he has been managing partner and CEO of Insight TWI, a small business which produces investigations targeting corrupt officials and organized crime for international news organizations.[16] In 2016, Ossoff was an executive producer for a documentary film by Insight TWI for BBC Three; the film exposed atrocities committed by ISIL in Iraq.[17]
--- End quote ---

What the fuck does he intend on doing in congress, you ask? Well, his own site consists solely of "RESIST DRUMPF!" copypasted ad nauseam. It's also worth noting that, up until two decades ago, Georgia was still safely blue on a state and local level before the GOP eventually took over all levels of government since the Reconstruction. As one would expect, the current Bernout uni cuck base pretends to be ignorant of this and they bark about making GA a "Blue State" like good goys, which really just means trying to coerce persuade normie voters into embracing the poz, which is precisely the very reason why conservatives and independents in GA and all other southern states deserted the Democrats in the first place, and the same effect is becoming true in many other states, but that's another story for another post.

Similar special elections are about to take place in Kansas and Montana. I haven't looked up much on those yet, but from the looks of it the Dem candidates will simply parrot I love cock more thanOssoffdoes and go full on contrarian against Trump and 3/4's of the American population.

Placeholder for statistics, articles and other goony shit about how fucked Dems are

dead wow:
meanwhile in the sanctuary city of Seattle, homeless from around the country continue making the greyhound pilgrimage while the mayor runs for re-election while he has multiple credible, pending child rape allegations. he likes to spend a lot of taxpayer money in North America's human trafficking capitol on homeless camps that are known to harbor significant child prostitution activity and projects to help at-risk youth. really takes a hands-on approach to giving these issues special attention. Ed Murray played a major role in the legalization of gay marriage, and he's married to his aging japanese twink lover. he's currently suing Donald Trump in the city's name over the sanctuary city bill because ICE tried to make the city deport a "dreamer" with a Sureño gang tattoo who admitted having gang ties in California to ICE agents.. meanwhile campaigning to introduce property tax to the state to offset the costs. coincidentally, even without this tax Seattle's poised to overtake SF and NYC to become the highest cost of living city in the country within the next year or two. Not so coincidentally, 50 shades of grey, a bestselling novel about how ed murray treats his party's loyal voters took place in Seattle.

No source for unedited article.
First edit of article:
Second edit of article:

he's had previous child rape allegations, however this time there looks to be actual evidence despite the fact that the only identified accuser's case would be before statue of limitations. because of course there's a SOL on child rape in Seattle, why not?

i don't think the news is reporting on most of this, and a lot of it was edited out of the initial interview, but the current known accusation seems pretty legit. the accuser was able to recall the entire floorplan of a home Murray lived in over 30 years ago, specific details about his bedroom, and all 3 including previous accusers have noted a very distinct mole/bump on his scrotum. (this info was not public before the new allegations) he was offered by one accuser's attorney to prove he does not have the bump on his scrotum out of court, to which Murray never responded.

it's easy to tell he's guilty because neither Murray nor his attorney have denied he knew all of the accusers when they were underage, or that they have been in his home. the press is going overtime to paint anyone believing the accusations to be homophobic bigots. and CTR is on OVERDRIVE 888ing the comments sections of anything related to this story + sliding it whenever they can. When Seattle Times published the initial article, other local papers were forced to click "publish" on the articles they weren't going to post, and within an hour every single outlet had put out like 50 fluff pieces about random shit they had laying around the office to dilute. these kinds of things don't get CTR's attention unless they know they have a major problem. before Murray got into politics, he was studying to become a Catholic priest. it's also easy to tell because he looks like fucking Richard Speck after prison, without the tits:

Little background on Seattle area child sex trafficking:

this article predates Pizzagate :stare:

edit: oh yeah Washington's DSHS has a track record for putting foster kids in homes with known child molesters ex:

The Watcher:
The Democratic Party is in shambles and you won't hear about this from CNN and the like. Outside of schadenfreude I don't think the Democratic Party is worth taking about until 2019 IMO. But I do love my schadenfreude :twisted:

Dem Wypipo:
The Democrats are going down the road of being the non-white party, with all the incompetence and corruption that entails.  The media will provide cover for them but as we're finding out, the media is no longer able to do that as well as it used to.  If the GOP is smart, there are a lot of Democrat strongholds that they stand to gain in the next few years if they play their cards right.


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