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The Dogfree/Petfree anti “Pit Bull” Circle Jerk

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The Watcher:
One of the core tenants of disfuntion and clown world is role reversal. In this case I’m sure many of you noticed one or two childless friends on social media celebrating Mother’s Day...only with their pet. If you watch old Tom and Jerry cartoons the dog referred to his owner as master, today it would be mommy or daddy. Pets have been elevated above children, and pit bulls higher still.

But there is push back against clown world. Places like r/dogfree and r/mde are fighting against clown world logic applied. Pit bulls have become a meme themselves. I created this topic to stop clogging other topics. Post memes and other dog/pit related content. Owning a dog is one thing, but adapting a pit and calling it your baby is another.

Edit: I’m fine with dog or whatever. It’s pit chucks and dog culture I hate.

One of the useful things about pit posting is that, if you drag a leftist into it, they're eventually forced to either side with the idea that dog breeds actually are different OR that "it's the owner, not the dog" at which point you point out that the majority of pit owners are black.

My favorite part of watching this unfold is the speed at which the right is dismantling and turning arguments back on people.


a torrent of piss:


I believe the post that started it.


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